The Fish Market seafood market & restuarant

If you've read my last post on Bubba's Smokehouse BBQ you'll know that Mr. Borscht and I were in San Diego for a day over the weekend visiting my sister and her family on vacay.  Mr. Borscht and I succumbed to my sister's plead to have dinner before leaving on our hour and half road trip back home to good 'ol Los Angeles.

The hotel that my sister and her family were staying at was right near the harbor located downtown which was also conveniently located near many a good seafood restaurants and stores, tonight we would feast at The Fish Market!  I do love me some seafood whether it be crabs, lobsters, oyster shooters, halibut WHATEVER! I love it all!

The restaurant was large and spacious with seafood restaurant decor, there was definitely a lot to look at, lines of pictures of seafarers, fish and fishers hung on the walls.  A mural on a tiled wall pictured a fish mongers life and significantly the mural was located behind the fish monger counter where lines of fresh fish laying on beds of ice welcomed hungry tummies walking into the restaurant.

Across the fish monger counter sat many at the Oyster Bar which interestingly enough also served sushi and sashimi, I was really beginning to like this place.

Hot crusty bread was served with butter.

Mr. Borscht wasn't very hungry as we had a rather late and big lunch at Bubba's Smokehouse and so opted for something small and simple, the New England Clam Chowder in a bowl, oddly enough The Fish Market did not have clam chowder in a bread bowl which I think should be on every seafood restaurant menu.

The clam chowder was creamy, not thick and chunky as some are, never-the-less it was tasty.  The clam chowder was no Wow-er and was far from the best chowder I've had, but even an average chowder can taste very good.

And though Tummy wasn't starving by any means I wasn't going to let her stop me from enjoying a good meal at a seafood restaurant near the San Diego harbor, I ordered the shrimp and lobster seafood Louie salad.  I've had the Seafood Louie at other restaurants located far from the harbor that was better, this isn't to say it was absolutely terrible for really, it was just an average tasting Seafood Louie.  I suppose my high hopes were dashed, I naturally assumed a seafood restaurant on the harbor would undoubtedly have the best tasting Seafood Louie... sadly, it didn't.

And through the dazzling bombardment of sea decor and pictures along every wall, and the enticement of the oyster bar and fish monger counter that screams at you that this is the place of fresh seafood, this seafood restaurant, sadly, didn't deliver.  Was I wrong to expect really yummy seafood for my tummy because this restaurant was on the harbor?  I think not.  And perhaps the seafood here is as fresh as it gets and the recipes are truly where the problem lies- no matter though, because you still receive sub-par seafood dishes.  And sub-par may be good for those young couples who can easily trust that the seafood is spectacular through the dazzling affects of the decor and the water view but for tummies like me who would rather be dazzled from the tingling in the palate... this seafood restaurant just won't do.

The Damage:  $30.00

1 Bowl of New England clam chowder
1 Shrimp & Lobster seafood louie
1  Shirley Temple

The Fish Market
750 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232.3474

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