Le Petit Greek, Pt.2 Moussaka and a Hortofago Vegetarian

Once again Mr. Borscht and I found ourselves at Le Petit Greek, if you do not yet know, this is our favorite Greek Restaurant in Los Angeles... so far.  We like to add "so far" into the ends of our sentences because you just never know what's going to come around next- and boy is that the truth!

Like every other times Mr. Borscht and Tummy have come here, they once again ordered the caviar dip and eggplant dip to start.  Nothing beats these delicious dips with the warm pita bread to get your mouth watering.

Tummy had to try very hard indeed to stay away from her favorite beet salad she loves so much here, instead as a change she decided to go for an entree rather than the usual couple of sides.  Thankfully the entrees came with a side of lemon potatoes and a Greek salad, had it not been for this fact you may be reading yet another post on beet salad.

The Greek salad was served family style since Mr. Borscht ordered an entree as well that included the same side of lemon potatoes and Greek salad.  Needless to say it was wonderfully fresh, the salad included:  kalamata olives, sliced green bell peppers, roma tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, sliced red onions and a couple handfuls of tangy-salty feta cheese, this was all dress in a Greek vinaigrette-type of dressing.  The dressing wasn't at all powerful but just with the slightest flavor allowing the fresh vegetable flavors to be the highlight of the plate- as it should be.

I wasn't too sure about ordering the moussaka but after a short discussion and Q&A session with the very friendly waitress and now armed with knowledge about the moussaka which was compared to a lasagna and was described as a very popular dish that many come to Le Petit Greek to eat was a selling point for me, and so I decided to go for it.

As you already know the moussaka entree came with a side of yellow potatoes and also steamed vegetables- but little do you want to hear about such sides, so let us move on without further ado... the moussaka, definitely new to my palate and to my life, I've never had anything like it before.  And yes, the kind waitress was correct it was very much like a lasagna.  Beginning from the very bottom layer, yes, let us layer upwards... Lemon potatoes sliced and laid out on the bottom, thick roasted eggplant, a layer of ground beef that was chunky with sauce, cheese (I can't remember what kind exactly) and then a layer of bechamel sauce that had been... broiled?  The bechamel sauce was a thick layer that was browned on top and that could be easily removed should you not have liked it- but really, what was there not to like, it was absolutely delicious.  It was earthy and made Tummy feel at home, it's simply one of those heart-warming dishes.

And of course I'm no where near surprised that Le Petit Greek has done it again for me, it was a new dish entirely to me, I've never had moussaka before and dare I say this was a very pleasant experience.

Mr. Borscht found himself facing a rather large plate of an assortment of goodies, he opted for the Hortofago Vegetarian which is pretty much a vegetarian plate with a variety of vegetarian goodies.  dolmas (flavored rice wrapped in grape leaves) may I add, the most delish dolmas I've ever had, steamed veggies, spinach and feta cheese pie, yellow potatoes, pita bread, hummus, tzatziki sauce and a slice of roasted eggplant.  There was nothing absolutely special about the vegetarian plate as in that there was no featured entree, but it was a great way to explore all the different vegetarian flavors offered at Le Petit Greet, and also as Mr. Borscht had put it "was a great sampler".

Though I do have to suggest between the Moussaka and the Hortofago... well, you know right?  The Moussaka of course!

Lastly, sadly I do not have a picture of it for it was the end of the meal and when Tummy is stuffed such as this night her head doesn't seem to spin quite right.... Ice cream was served.  Three scoops of cinnamon ice-cream.  I've never had cinnamon ice-cream before, but let me just say, it is my new favorite ice-cream flavor; creamy with just the right amount of cinnamon.

Definite TO-DO of the month if you find yourself at Le Petit Greek, leave room for cinnamon ice-cream!

1 Moussaka entree
1 Hortofago entree
Caviar & eggplant dip appetizer

The Damage:  $56.00 +/-

Le Petit Greek
127 N. Larchmont Blvd
LA CA 90004
(323) 464.5160

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