Fool-Proof Tomato Salad Recipe

For most of my life I did not like tomatoes, it wasn't until this year that I realized it wasn't that I did not like tomatoes, I was just eating the wrong tomatoes.  The tomatoes that you buy at the grocery store doesn't compare what-so-ever to the organic tomatoes you can get at your local farmer's market, I never knew tomatoes were supposed to be sweet and flavorful!  My new love for this fruit-like vegetable had me planting tomatoes about half a year ago and now I have a medium sized tomato bush, whenever tomatoes are in the recipe I simple go outside and pick them fresh right before the meal: simple, fresh, organic and costs NOTHING.

With all that being said let us move on to the real reason I write today, I watch the cooking show Jaimie at Home- who doesn't love Jaime Oliver right?  Through good 'ol YouTube I was able to find a segment of a show that covers THE BEST tomato salad, Jaimie calls it the "mother recipe of tomato salads" and it really is!  It's simple, easy and absolutely delicious!  This is my favorite tomato salad recipe, I hope you will watch this video and if you haven't already tried this recipe, that you will.

If you do try this tomato recipe...

Remember to salt and let your tomatoes sit in the colander for about 15min - this step is crucial to full-flavored tomatoes.

Drizzling a bit of olive oil on your mozzarella cheese will bring out the flavor of the mozzarella.

Fresh basil leaves is not necessary and most times I do without it but the oregano is a must!

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