Special Juice at Joan's on Third

Ended up brunching it up at Joan's on Third today and decided to try the eight dollar Kale, Spinach, Apple, Cucumber and Parsley juice- I like to call it the Special Juice. Shook it up and drank the whole thing, tasted mostly of cucumber and apple juice, not too much of a delicious drink but still an interesting experience and so not worth the eight dollars though I'm sure it's loaded with vitamins and things, but you can probably make this at home with a juicer for a lot less.

Joan's On 3rd

Stepping into the unknown and taking a risk are two things that I love about trying out a new restaurant. Sure, most of them end up being experiences that have me saying "well, at least I know not to go there again" but that's all part of the experience, the process, isn't it? And it really is all these "well, at least I know not to go there again" moments that make me truly appreciate the times when I do find a restaurant worth going back to, over and over and over again. Jone's On 3rd just happens to be one of those awesome experiences that have me keep going back for more, that have me thinking 'I really should try everything on the menu, I bet it's all fantaaaastic!'  It's a restaurant that makes you want to share it with your friends and family, which is exactly what I have been doing.

Pressed Chicken, Bacon & Brie with caramelized onions on French baguette

Thus far I have two favorites on the menu, the Pressed Chicken, Bacon & Brie Panini (pictured above) and the Southwest Salad (pictured below).

The Pressed Chicken, Bacon & Brie Panini is a sandwich consisting of bread that has a crunchy outer layer and a soft inner layer. Pressed between is grilled chicken, crunchy salty bacon, melted mild brie and sweet caramelized onions. The ingredients are simple, the texture is perfect, the sandwich comes out the same every single time: absolutely delicious. It has my 100% recommendation for those yearning for a hot sandwich.

The Southwest Salad is a flavorful and somewhat exotic salad. It hits a note of comfort because we've all had some version of the Southwestern salad before, but Jone's version of the Southwest salad is by far the best you will probably ever have (that's how I feel anyway). Is it the tangy and slightly spicy cilantro dressing? Maybe. Medium shredded cabbage tossed with all the other vegetables just the right size keeps you from getting aggravated in terms of eating strategy, you can either stab it or scoop it with your fork- it makes for easy eating which means you can concentrate on enjoying the flavors. And all together the ingredients make for a very exciting yet not too over-powering experience, it is... just right. It has my 100% recommendation for salad lovers.

Southwest Salad with jicama, curried chick peas, red peppers, tomatoes, roasted corn, avocado, tortilla strips and spicy cilantro dressing

The Damage:  $31.00 +/-

Southwest Salad
Pressed chicken, bacon & brie sandwich
Black iced tea

8350 W. 3rd Street


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