Lamill, Pt. 2 Mushroom Bacon Scramble & Jambon Sandwich

Tummy did not know that a purity in food could exist or that indeed it DID exist!  But now Tummy knows, purity in food exists. 

Sunday morning after a very sleepless night, Tummy and Mr. Borscht walked into Lamill Coffee at Silverlake for a late breakfast.  Lamill was busy with bustling bodies but still there were seats, thank goodness for small favors.  Tummy and Mr. Borscht sank into a booth fit for two, it is their first time having a meal at Lamill, they have come quite a few times in the evenings, usually after dinner, for good cup of coffee, but today would be their first meal at Lamill.

Tummy and Mr. Borscht sat looking at the menu for quite some time, words such as 'cocottes' and 'jambon' befuddled them, what did they mean?  It made it quite hard to make up one's mind when one didn't understand all the words in the description but soon enough their adorably stylish waiter, Aaron would come by and give them a good lesson on French food vocabulary and helpfully answer all fifty questions with ease and calm even though he had about 15 other tables to wait on.

Cocottes - A heatproof dish or small casserole in which individual portions of food can be both cooked and served.

Jambon Meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked). gammon, ham · cut of pork - cut of meat from a hog or pig.

Black Onyx

Tummy was deliriously tired, the kind of tired that make people funny, the kind of tired where one could not even think about sleeping.  So of course, a nice black coffee was in order, and that's exactly what Tummy started with, a Black Onyx coffee, bold, black, smooth and delicious- this coffee easily ranked on Tummy's TOP THREE black coffee list.

Black Onyx was to be followed by Jambon Sandwich, a simple but good sized sandwich on a baquette, a single layer of cheese and layers of Jambon (ham), this was served with four small olives, roasted and marinated shallot, dijon & whole grain mustard and a side of house fried potato chips.  For $12.00 this all seemed quite a bit. 

The Jambon sandwich Tummy ate plain with little smears of the mustard which she found to make quite a difference, but in truth the quality of the Jambon sandwich was so much so that one did not need to do much to enjoy it.  The roasted marinated shallot was something new to Tummy and she loved it especially since having a soft spot for all things pickled, the natural sweetness of the shallot was brought out by the roasting and then there was a slight zing from the marinade- it was new to Tummy but it did not take her long to love it.

Mr. Borscht who usually orders the Valhrona Latte decided to go for a Vanilla Latte today, at Lamill it's hard to find a favorite as all the coffee drinks are wonderful, and so today this was proven, when Mr. Borscht had drank all but half his Vanilla Latte Tummy asked him "so which do you like best?  The Valhrona or the Vanilla?"  Mr. Borscht simply answered "I like them both".

Following Mr. Borscht's Vanilla Latte was the Mushroom Bacon scramble which included three slices of bread.  Tummy firmly believes even now, a day later, that she should have gotten the Mushroom Bacon scramble, she thought it just heavenly.  The scramble was slightly soft, not runny but not too firm as most scrambles are, wild mushrooms were sauteed and tossed on top the scramble along with pieces of bacon.  The eggs alone were delicious, the mushroom were slight in flavor but hummed beautifully to the taste-buds, the bacon was the least favorite ingredient of the dish but it added a slight saltiness that could be appreciated.  There was not much spice if any at all, even salt and pepper seemed to be absent, but Tummy found this devine, she found purity in food that she did not know existed until this day.  The use of the flavors of the few key ingredients (eggs, wild mushrooms and bacon) made the dish and flavored the dish!  Tummy now has had a glimpse of the history of food, what food and meals were like once upon a time when ingredients were always fresh and that was all one needed, Bah to salt, cumin, cloves, chili powder, garlic powder and the like!  

The absence of spices made it possible to focus on the enchanting taste of the fresh ingredients brought together, this was nothing less than eye-opening.

When Mr. Borscht's Mushroom Bacon scramble was served, we realized the portion was too small for a man of 6'1" with a Russian appetite and so ordered a side of roasted potatoes.  The roasted potatoes were small, miniature potatoes they were of white and purple, roasted with garlic and thyme, olive oil and sprinkled with salt, they too were delicious.

But there is no competition as to what dish was the winner, yes the Jambon sandwich was simple yet tasty and the roasted marinated shallot was something new and exciting, but there was no taking the champion, the Mushroom Bacon Scramble.

1 Vanilla Latte
1 Single Black Onyx Coffee
1 Side of potatoes
1 Jambon Sandwich
1 Mushroom Bacon Scramble

The Damage:  $36.43

Lamill Coffee
1636 Silver Lake Blvd.
LA CA 90026
(323) 663.4441

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