Lamill Coffee in Silverlake

Brother Charlie said it best earlier today, "I don't know anything about coffee beans let alone roasting them, I just know how to drink it," that pretty much describes us both perfectly when it comes to coffee.  Couple times a week Brother Charlie and I will meet up for a cup of joe, when it comes to new barista stops it's usually Brother Charlie that's doing the introducing and he's done a lot of introducing.  Most times I'm not a fan and will opt for my home-made coffee over the new introductions, I suppose I can be a bit picky when it comes to my cup of joe but today turned out to be a different story entirely.

Today Brother Charlie picked me up in his too-old, very filthy but none-the-less working Toyota pick-up, it was a good thing all windows were too dusty and sap-spotted to see through clearly because I would have been pretty embarrassed to be seen it, still I think I saw a few side-ways glances.

Back on subject!

I've heard of Lamill Coffee, I've even had Lamill Coffee in other cafes but today was the first time I ever stepped into an actual Lamill Cafe.  I was expecting to walk into a coffee shop, a cafe, instead I found myself in what looked like an actual restaurant.  The decor in a nutshell was rich: large chandelier, wall murals, ostrich leather swivel seats, even their silverware looked good, the only possible thing I could have complained about was the not so attractive 7-11 directly across the street.

I really liked the silverware

Apparently Lamill isn't only a cafe but also a restaurant with a full menu, but today we kept it simple and went for coffee and a blueberry muffin.  The blueberry muffin with a crusted crunchy top was tasty but not too different from any other blueberry muffin I've had and wasn't the best muffin I've had either.

Brother Charlie ordered a Mocha and I a Vanilla Latte.  Lamill's Vanilla Latte is without a doubt the best Vanilla Latte I've ever had and a short discussion with our friendly server explained it all.  The Vanilla Latte at Lamill's isn't made with syrup as most coffee shops concoct them but made with true vanilla beans!  The Coffee was rich, creamy, not too sweet, smooth and no syrupy aftertaste that I hate so much and get your breath a'stankin!

I had a couple of sips of Brother Charlie's Mocha, it was yummy sweet with a surprising short bite to it as a result of the melted chocolate ganache the mocha is made with.  Between the two my heart stands firmly by the Vanilla Latte, because as you well know I'm not much for sweets.

There's nothing like starting the afternoon with coffee & muffin

Vanilla Latte
Blueberry Muffin

The Damage:  $15.09

Considering we only ordered three cafe items, $15.09 is pricey, but well worth it.  One doesn't come to Lamill for their average coffee, this is real coffee, in other words- this is a coffee place that can serve food and yet still be known for their coffee- get my drift?  A hip-hip-hooray to Brother Charlie, my eyes are open now, how can I go back to regular syrupy vanilla lattes and powder brewed mochas- it will now forever be plain black coffee or off to Lamill's!

Lamill Coffee
1636 Silver Lake Blvd.
LA CA 90026
(323) 663.4441

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