Cafe Midi, An Introduction

I've been frequenting Cafe Midi more often than I can write and finally I am sitting and ready to write my first review on Cafe Midi properly titled An Introduction.

There are no secrets between us!  Or so I would like to think, let me first begin by saying that I first came to dine at Cafe Midi about 6 or so years back with an ex-boyfriend (the kind of ex-boyfriend that goes down in history as the one mistake you made in your entire life), I can say surely that the only good thing he left behind was the introduction of Cafe Midi, let me move on and say that I remember thinking how great the food was.  Now let me confess, I haven't been back to Cafe Midi since that one first time because of 'you know who, he who shall not be named' (yes, I am a Harry Potter fan).  And after many years of staying away as far as possible to anything remotely related to 'you know who', on a whim Brother Charlie took a u-turn too fast to be legal and then parked his janky truck in a lot with a sign that clearly stated 'No Public Parking' (in large red bold letters no less) and walked me over to Cafe Midi.  And so after many years, I once again found myself at Cafe Midi, and it was I have to say, like I've never been here before- thank goodness for that, for I may have ended up sprinting out the door screaming with my hair on end from all the terrible memories of 'you know who'.

And now that there are surely no secrets between us for how can one be even closer to another after a confession of a relationship-related mistake?  These are confessions not easily made by a girl, lady or woman... okay, let us move on.

Navy blue seats, tables and umbrellas line the outside of the sidewalk at front of Cafe Midi, walking in through the glass doors you come upon a store?  Yes, a store, a rather charming store of hand-picked furnishings, books on interior decor and cooking, dinnerware, serving ware, knick knacks for general household ambience and etc... and all in an organized clutter, an organized french-like clutter- whatever that mean!  But really the only way I can properly describe it is that.

Move onward to the back of the store where a cafe bar and a line of tables set the rather small dining area.  Here, black and white pictures framed in wood decorates the white-washed, brick stoned walls, along with the cute yellow tiled flooring and the blue accented cafe one can't help but feel that France has been concentrated into this space, like orange juice in the freezer section in those cylinder cans that state on the bottom, "made from concentrate", but of course the difference is that Cafe Midi's 'French concentrate' is much more charming and much more yummier, if you even dare to compare.

American Rag clothing store is interestingly enough connected to Cafe Midi

He really shouldn't make faces like this,
one day he'll find that it has frozen thus
and then where will he be? Most definitely not handsome

As Brother Charlie and I were here simply to nurture our daily caffeine need we took seats at the counter.

Brother Charlie is a serious caffeine monster and so he opts to get the Cafe Vennois which is simply a shot of espresso with whipped cream.  The Cafe Vennois is strong and will take you to a land of buzz where one can obviously feel the caffeine coursing through their veins, thus if you need to wake this small cup of espresso topped with whipped cream is just the thing you need and is... absolutely delicious.

Cafe Vennois

Iced mocha & blueberry marzapan tart

Summer time in Los Angeles is hot and so I order an iced mocha with a side of blueberry marzapan tart.  The iced mocha is delicious however if you can bare the heat as well as a hot drink I suggest going for the hot mocha for it is much more chocolatier and tastes like divine hot chocolate, the hot mocha here is without a doubt the best mocha I have ever had.

The blueberry marzapan tart.  The crust a bit hard, the marzapan I could not really taste, perhaps this was due to the very blueberry-tasting blueberries, in whole this breakfast desert was not very sweet and to some like Brother Charlie and I this is a good thing... I confess!  I did not like the blueberry marzapan tart very much, I love blueberries and I love marzapan but neither of those two ingredients really called out to me during this experience.  Undoubtedly there are better pastries and breakfast deserts to be had here, do forego the blueberry marzapan tart.

To round it up, the coffee was fantastic, I will be coming back and quite frequently I imagine.

The Damage:  $13.00 +/-

1 Cafe Viennois
1 Iced Mocha
1 Blueberry Marzapan Tart

Cafe Midi
148 S. La Brea Ave
LA CA 90036
(323) 939.9860

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