My new breakfast crush, Toasted Bagel topped with Sweetened Ricotta

I've definitely been trying a lot more things since I've gotten pregnant and since I've made my 2013 resolution to live a more exciting life in the kitchen. Just 17 days in and I can say it's definitely working to expose me to new flavors, many of which I thought I wouldn't like but actually do.

I've eaten my morning bagel with the usual cream cheese and even a spread of butter, but today I decided that I wanted a toasted bagel with ricotta cheese! Ricotta Cheese?! Yes, ricotta cheese. I was reading a cookbook the other day that had mentioned ricotta cheese on toast sprinkled with a bit of sugar- I decided to try this today.

I toasted my bagel and spread ricotta cheese on it and sprinkled it lightly with sugar. First bite... interesting. Second bite... I can see how this would be good. Third bite... I love it! I went on to spread  the two sides of the toasted bagel with ricotta cheese with a sprinkling of sugar and devoured the whole thing, with a nice cup of home dripped coffee. 

Ricotta cheese which I've only had in small quantities in raviolis and lasagnas is a cheese still curiously new to me, as with any cheese I eat I'm always a bit hesitant to eat at first. Thus, I naturally approached the toasted bagel mounded with ricotta cheese with care, but I found that the texture although a little scary at first was quite nice, smooth with just a bit of texture that actually makes it a bit fun to eat. And the taste is very mild, almost like cottage cheese, but better. With the mild taste of ricotta I can only imagine endless possibilities of how this cheese can be used as it seems to go with pretty much any flavor you decide to use with it, be it marinara sauce, berry sauce, a drizzle of honey or simply a sprinkle of sugar! 

Ricotta, my new crush.

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