Black Cat Pt. 3, Eggsalad Sandwich & Blueberry Pie

Tummy found herself at Black Cat yet again accompanied by Mr. Borscht and Brother Charlie.  A late very warm Saturday morning it was and with an empty stomach Tummy trudged in to the cool air-conditioned bakery cafe.  "Eggsalad sandwich on rye and iced coffee please" she ordered.

In a short while Tummy found herself facing the most beautiful eggsalad sandwich she had ever seen, The rye was toasted perfectly, the eggs once boiled were roughly chopped, layers of thinly sliced cucumber, tomatoes and basil surrounded the eggsalad.  "That really hit the spot on this warm Saturday early morning" Tummy thought to herself, she leaned back in her chair and sipped her iced coffee content as can be.

Brother Charlie was thankful to escape the house where he often found himself at work, he had been searching for an excuse to get out and get some fresh air when Tummy called demanding his presence at Black Cat, he was by no means hungry having eaten already but jumped at the chance to get some fresh air and clear his muddled muddled brain.

Brother Charlie looked intently at the case of baked goods, everything looked delicious but there was one pastry he had set his eyes on that he couldn't resist hungry or not, "Blueberry pie heated please" he ordered.

The pie arrived warmed, first picking at the crust that was buttery and full of pie-crust flavor, he knew it was going to be good.  He looked at the baked blueberries which he noticed didn't have the gelatin-like stuff swimming inbetween the blueberries to hold them together, the absence of this gelatin-like substance made him smile to himself, he hated the gelatin-like substance.  Brother Charlie took his first bite getting a bit of crust and a bit of blueberry together, 'this is important' he thought 'to get a bit of everything in each bite'.  The buttery crust with the mild tangy sweet baked blueberries was truly what Brother Charlie needed on this muddled-muddled-brain late Saturday morn.

The Black Cat employees are always very friendly and accommodating, like any other day they were friendly and greeted with a smile and served with a smile- not all places are like this and Tummy was very appreciative of this today.  "Dare I take a picture?" She thought to herself, and she did... only to find that the employees didn't look all that cheery in the picture, "but trust me" Tummy says, "don't let the picture fool you, everyone here is so friendly and nice."

A happy atmosphere can go a long way.

The Damage: $31.00 +/-

1 Huevos Rancheros
1 Blueberry Pie
1 Eggsalad sandwich
2 Black coffees
1 Iced Coffee

Black Cat Bakery & Cafe
519 South Fairfax Ave
LA CA 90036
(323) 932.1500

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