Singapore's Banana Leaf

Brother Charlie and Tummy were feeling adventurous, we ended up at the Farmer's Market at the Grove and roamed for a lunch place to fulfill our adventurous needs, we decided to cross oceans today to Singapore and eat at Singapore's Banana Leaf, which we both had heard good things about.

Brother Charlie wanted Laksa soup, I wanted stir fry noodles and I wanted him to try the Paratha bread which I have had before.  But after a short discussion we've decided that would be way too much food for lunch so we agreed to share the Laksa soup and order a side of Paratha to share as well.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that coconut milk gave me the runs or perhaps it was out of pure embarrassment, but yes, as you may have guessed somehow the broth of Laksa soup is mainly coconut milk with some added spices. 

The side of Paratha came with two pieces and a side of spicy curry-like sauce, the sauce was a little spicy for my taste and too watery to be a sauce, I enjoyed the paratha plain.  Paratha is a plain semi-flaky bread that is fried in a pan, you heat one side and then the other until there nicely browned and piping hot.

The Laksa soup came up with these fried pieces of...?  Well, to be honest I have no idea what they were but they had a slight flavor to them and were slightly salty.

The Laksa soup consisted of tofu, bean sprouts, some kind of glass/jelly noodles that was, quite honestly, a bit of a trouble to eat as they didn't really want to bend, the soup also had fish balls in them which was just about the most flavorful thing in the soup.  Sadly, the Laksa soup was boring, tasteless, and the broth was creamy rich in texture- not pleasant.  

I thought to myself 'the stir fry noodles' are probably better, I've heard a couple of different people say that the food at Singapore's Banana Leaf was good and I'm almost sure we just ordered the wrong dish today.  So, though the Laksa soup was an absolute NO, I may find myself back here quite soon to try the stir fry noodles- and then we shall see!

But for now a Banana Leaf suggestion for you would be...


1 order of Paratha
1 Laksa Soup

The Damage:  $13.00 +/-

6333 W. 3rd Street
La CA 90036
9323) 933.4627

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