Papa Cristos, Pt. 2: Spanokopita

Once Tummy finds a place that she likes, she often goes back, hence this second review on Papa Cristos.  Tummy is here to test yet again Papa Cristos by ordering another of her Greek favorites, Spanokopita.

Today is Saturday afternoon and after a nice hike at Griffith Park on a hot day, Tummy and Mr. Borscht found themselves at Papa Cristos to meet Brother Charlie.  Mr. Borscht loves Greek food, Mr. Borscht has yet to try Papa Cristos, Mr. Borscht has been on the hunt for a Los Angeles gyro that meets all the requirements, he has yet to meet the match.  Tummy has enthusiastically brought Mr. Borscht here to see if she can crack the case with Papa Cristos' gyro.

Apparently on Saturdays a Greek performer sits and plays, it's a full house

The meal in question?  Spanokopita & a small Greek side salad

The Spanokopita, a layered flaky crust encloses a spinach and feta cheese filling.  Tummy has had this countless times before at all kinds of Greek restaurants and though  Papa Cristos' gyro is too die for the Spanokopita is awfully average, then again one may argue that amongst so many other Spanokopitas this is indeed a very hard test, yes, Tummy would have to agree with this argument.  Tummy has only had one other Spanokopita that can top Papa Cristos and it too comes from a Greek restaurant in Los Angeles, this restaurant is called Le Petit Greek.

But there is a significant difference here in the type of Spanokopita that is served at Papa Cristos and the one served at Le Petit Greek.  Le Petit Greek serves a fancy appetizer Spanokopita that is much more rich and heavy in taste.  Papa Cristos serves the casual snack Spanokopita, and for this arena it is quite good... it is lighter, not as filling, not as rich but still very good - it is what it is!  There are no surprises!  This casual snack Spanokopita was exactly what Tummy wanted after a sweaty hike and so even though it didn't top the chart in any significant way it was absolutely perfect.

The greek salad consisted of greens, roma tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, olives and of course, feta cheese dressed lightly with a vinaigrette.  The salad was fresh, simple and similar to the Spanokopita, was nothing fancy.

It was as light as a Greek meal could be which was exactly what Tummy was going for.  As for Mr. Borscht and his gyro, he loved it of course.

1 Orange Pellegrino
1 Spanokopita
1 Small Greek side salad

The Damage:  $7.00 +/-

Papa Cristos
2771 West Pico Blvd
LA CA 90006
(323) 737.2970

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