Le Petit Greek, My Heaven! Heaven! Heaven!

Mr. Borscht and Tummy have a favorite restaurant, a restaurant that goes by the names of Le Petit Greek, serving... yes, the best Greek food in town... actually to be honest, the best Greek food Tummy and Mr. Borscht has ever had.

Lets get formalities out of the way shall we?  The food is always perfection, the service nearly perfection, the Arnold Palmer too is nearly perfection, the atmosphere grade A and the bill?  Well the bill is the bill, but when Tummy and Mr. Borscht considers everything they're paying for what usually goes through their mind is, 'totally fair, maybe we even got the upper hand'. 

With all that out of the way lets gets down to business... FOOD!

Mr. Borscht and Tummy always orders appetizers, this is their unspoken rule to a well-rounded and fulfilling Greek meal, plus caviar dip is their favorite appetizer food.  Therefore, like every other time Tummy and Mr. Borscht visit Le Petit Greek they once again ordered the Caviar and Eggplant Dip, this of course is served with warm, soft pita bread that evens out the saltiness of the caviar dip and adds a nice soft texture to the bitsy chopped eggplant dip.

99% of the time Mr. Borscht orders some kind of Gyro, today Mr. Borscht went for a lamb sausage gyro (Gyro Me Loukaniko) with all it's usual inner trimmings of sliced red onion, cucumber/tzatziki yogurt sauce, tomatoes and spices, the plate heartily comes with a side of Greek salad and very lemon-licious potatoes.  Needless to say, everything on the plate is absolutely delicious.

Tummy can never decide on just one thing and so usually orders a couple of sides, this is Tummy's greedy way of getting most out of one visit but Tummy always, ALWAYS gets a side of Patates.  It's a mystery how the potatoes got to be so yummy but Tummy has it's own ideas on the 'how': first boiled, then tossed in most possibly a lemon vinaigrette (definitely some kind of lemon-sauce) and then broiled... this is the idea of the 'how' that Tummy has on Le Petit Greek Patates.  Tummy figures that it explains the softness, yet gooey outside with the bits of scorch and the lemon-licious flavor.

Today Tummy orders it's usual, a side of lemon-licious Patates and also something new, the Batzaria, boiled variety of beets that were chopped then tossed in some kind of light marinade/sauce, served on top of what looked to be cucumber/tzatziki sauce and sprinkled moderately with dill.  Tummy thought it absolutely divine and eye-opening having never had anything like it before, the combination of flavors though simple were completely new to Tummy's senses.  The beets tasted like beets but were also the sweetest beets Tummy had ever tasted, served on top of the yogurt there was a definite freshness to the plate, the dill added a step-up allowing the flavors to taste layered to the senses, and bites of masculine cucumber flavor every now and then were a treat to experience.  

If there was one plate that could be dubbed "winner of the month" on Tummy's Adventures it would hands-down be Le Petit Greek's Batzaria, and so if one ventures to Le Petit Greek with an adventurous appetite the Batzaria comes highly recommended.

And of course every bit of morsel was eaten, except the Patates that Tummy always takes home for later.

1 Arnold Palmer
1 (2-Item) Appetizer combo
1 Batzaria
1 Patates
1 Gyro Me Loukaniko

The Damage: $47.74

Le Petit Greek
127 N. Larchmont Blvd
LA CA 90004
(323) 464.5160

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