Golden Burger

Saturday, 1:30PM

Tummy and Mr. Borscht had the pleasure of accompanying Friend Simon to his film premier in Long Beach, "Zombie Ed", it's no Academy Award winner but it was most definitely entertaining and regardless of content and the obscene amount of blood and guts on screen the three of them walked out of the theater quite hungry.

The theater was located on East 4th Street two blocks from the beach and Tummy was able to smell the salty sea air, though not accustomed to the smell she liked it very much and it put her in quite a good mood.  Friend Simon, Mr. Borscht and Tummy walked around 4th Street popping into restaurants, diners and cafes and checking out the menu, all seemed a bit hopeless.  Friend Simon pointed out a large golden sign a couple blocks away that read "Golden Burgers", the building itself looked very retro and the tinted windows made the old looking structure appear vacant, hesitantly they decided that it wouldn't hurt to go inside and take a look at the menu, and so off they went.

They swung the doors open and stepped into a medium sized roomy restaurant/eatery, it was no doubt quite old and looked like the place had been built in the 70s, the place was packed with young beachy kids, looking equally retro in this modern world.  The sound and smell of burgers on the grill made it a quick decision for the three of them to stay, and so they stayed.

Being, obviously, a burger joint they ordered 3 french fries, 3 burgers and 3 sodas.

The chunky french fries were fried to perfection and seasoned lightly.

The bacon cheese burger was absolutely delish with strips of crispy bacon, cheese, beef patties and all the trimmings: lettuc, tomato, onion, mayo and special sauce that resembled Thousand Island dressing.  It indeed resembled classic burgers of the good old days and sure tasted like it too, or was it just the whole retro atmosphere that was making it's way into the entire experience?  No matter, the burger lunch was great.  Not the absolute best burger I've had in my life but it definitely makes the Top 5.

3 French fries
3 Bacon cheese burgers
3 Soft drinks

The Damage:  $25.50

Golden Burger
2301 E. 4th Street
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 434.2625

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