Feeling French at Figaro Bistrot

Brother Charlie has a hobby, bicycles, actually it would be very unfair of me to say it's just a hobby, Brother Charlie takes his cycling very seriously.  I remember when he first started at the pre-ripe age of 11.  He was so excited the day he got his wheelie down, he was able to wheelie all but a sad 3 seconds, but I swear it was the happiest and yet most pathetic 3 seconds of his life.  Of course now at the ripe age of 28 and probably more than thousands of hours on a bike he can wheelie himself to death, jump off walls and bike for many hours at a time.  And of course from time to time I'll get the occasional call, "Tummy, I've got a flat.  Can you come pick me up?"  As of late these "calls" seems to be more than just occasional instances and A PRICE MUST BE PAID!

So, when that call came in Saturday afternoon I was more than happy to pick him up, it would ultimately mean a free breakfast... at Figaro Bistrot.

We've never been to Figaro Bistrot though I've been eyeing it with much interest for the past month or so, I've often driven by it on my way to Griffith Park and have always seen the sidewalk seats fully occupied, I thought a place that packed has got to be good.  Here was my chance to try.

The entry way with the pastry selection on one side made me gasp, a mounting excitement starting from my gut was rising.  The pastries looked absolutely amazing with a variety of beautiful tarts, chocolate covered strawberries and things.

We were asked whether we would like to sit in either the...

Bistrot/Dining area

or the lounge

We opted for the lounge which was dimly lit, furnished with spacious tables, comfortable armchairs and couches.  The excitement that started in my gut from the beautiful pastries was steadily rising into my chest, the lounge was beautifully decorated.

The breakfast started with a basket of variety of breads accompanied by strawberry jam.  The bread was nothing special, not piping hot nor warm, just plain bread with strawberry jam.

Sunday morning calls for coffee all around...

Mr. Borscht ordered a single shot mocha

Brother Charlie ordered double shot mocha

And a single shot of espresso for Tummy

Mr. Borscht ordered the Omelette a la Provencale which was filled with onion, bell pepper and swiss cheese.  Naturally only having three ingredients the omelette was bell-peppery and had loads of cheese, Mr. Borscht mentions that it is a bit plain.  On the other hand, Brother Charlie orders the Omelette a la Parisienne which has potatoes, herbs and swiss cheese, Brother Charlie mentions that the omelette is too heavy and a bit plain. 

Omelette a la Provencal

Tummy orders the Omelette Figaro, avocado, brie cheese and mushroom.  The first bite was pretty much all cheese, the cheese is delicious- then again I love Brie cheese.  

Problem #1, while the first bite was fully cheesy the rest of the omelette lacked cheese and by lack I mean that there was a definite absence of cheese.

Naturally I ate the entire omelette and realized on the upside there were plenty of avocados throughout, however

Problem #2, while there was a good amount of avocados the mushrooms were diced into small pieces and cooked into the egg of the omelette which took away the taste of the mushrooms, thus in a way I really felt as if I was eating an avocado omelette.

Omelette Figaro

The omelettes came with a small side of salad and potatoes.  The salad was a salad, lightly dressed and fresh but nothing to talk about.  The potatoes I thought, were the best of the entire meal, buttery and perfect, the potatoes proves to be the winner of the morning- I'm unsure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, after all shouldn't the omelettes be the winner here?

While the food was only so-so the decor and ambiance was charming.  The sidewalk seating, the pastry section, the bistrot and the lounge all were eye-candy and other-worldly... very French, it only lacked truly French servers and truly delicious French food.  Perhaps dinner will be better here and as I prepare to end this review I can't help but think 'maybe I will do dinner here some day just to check it out' but a part of me doesn't wish to be bewitched by the exterior beauty when really Figaro has nothing special to offer.

1 Espresso, single shot
1 Mocha, single shot
1 Mocha, double shot
1 Omelette a la Provencal
1 Omelette a la Parisienne
1 Omelette Figaro

The Damage:  $44.59

Figaro Bistrot
1802 N. Vermont Ave
LA CA 90027
(323) 662.1587

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