California Donuts

My evil nemesis the DONUT!  Driving back from Silverlake one afternoon Brother Charlie and I stopped by California Donuts, before today we've never stopped although I'm sure we've eyed it numerous times together and alone.

California Donuts has a vintage feel even the sign, and with delicious looking donuts lined up right up against the window with a walk-up window and counter I can understand why this particular 24 hour donut shop selling muffins, cigarettes, coffee and other drinks gets a steady stream of customers.  Donuts go really well with coffee and cigarettes.

With almost every variety I can think of all the donuts looked beautiful, BIG and tasty.  It was time to give it a try and perhaps add another donut shop to my already growing list of places I shouldn't frequent unless I can acknowledge happily the mounting cellulite on my thighs and wing-flaps.

Brother Charlie ordered a round glaze and a cup of small coffee

I too opted for a glaze but with a twist.  First, second, third bite... it took me three full bites to figure out what I thought about California Donuts.  I've had better donuts before, this was still a donut and so, still delicious, sweetly glazed and fluffy, their was a slight crunch to the glaze on the outside which I always love and the inside was dry yet fluffy.

It's not a place I'd be dying to go for donuts but it was yummy, because... once again, it's a donut.  The experience was a rather pleasant one.  We ordered outside at the counter, payed by credit card though the damage was hardly a damage at all $4.00 +/-, and ate leaning up against Brother Charlie's truck.  This time around, it was the experience of it all that really counted and the donut wasn't bad either.

California Donuts
3540 W. 3rd Street
LA CA 90020

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