Sangria! WARNING: It's a little too easy going down

If there is Sangria on the menu or anything remotely like Sangria you can be sure that Tummy and Mr. Borscht will be ordering it.  Be the Sangria well-made, you can bet that it'll be fairly pricey for a drink, which prompted one evening after Mr. Borscht and Tummy ventured out to Bossa Nova where both had a couple of pricey Sangrias and dinner came home to discuss the possibility of trying to make Sangria themselves.  The two unknowledgeable Sangria lovers only knew a few things about Sangria, that it contained fruit, often apples, some kind of citrus and that it was made of wine.  So when they looked up a well-rated Sangria recipe they were a bit surprised to find how complex Sangria was, but this did not stop them and off they went shopping for the ingredients.

Red wine, check.  Brandy, check.  Triple sec, check.  Oranges, check.  Pomegranate juice, check.  Apples, check.  Blackberries, check.  Pomegranate, check.

Upon coming home Tummy and Mr. Borscht went straight away to work on their new project, home-made Sangria!  The two worked together on the wooden Ikea island, chopping, slicing, peeling.  Glug-glug-glug, the wine poured steadily into the large glass bowl.  Triple sec, juices, diced and chopped fruit all went in.  A big stir.  Wrapped air-tight and put into the refrigerator to marinate for 24 hours.

The making of Sangria was more time-consuming than any other drink Tummy had ever tried making at home, but the floating bits of oranges, apples, berries and pomegranate seeds gave Tummy confidence that it was all worth while.  Had Tummy followed the recipe word-for-word the make-time probably could have been cut in half but instead Tummy opted for the best as usual, and so instead of buying orange juice, she squeezed fresh oranges, instead of buying already picked pomegranate seeds, she bought fresh pomegranates and picked the seeds fresh herself.

The next evening by dinner the Sangria was ready to be had, Tummy ladled two cups of Sangria.  While Mr. Borscht felt as though the home-made Sangria was stronger than the ones served at the restaurant, Tummy thought it absolutely delicious and perfect!  If there was a difference between the Sangria in the restaurant versus the one home-made, the difference was so slight it was barely noticeable.  The large bowl of Sangria served Tummy and Mr. Borscht well for almost a week and the longer the Sangria sat in the refrigerator, unsurprisingly, the better it tasted.

Tummy and Mr. Borscht had a better understanding of why Sangria was pricier, the fruits, the wine, the brandy, the triple sec, the time it takes to make Sangria!  These are all reasons of why the Sangria was $7 a glass at Bosso Nova.  And though the home-made Sangria was absolutely delicious, Tummy learnt it was only worth making once in a while.

Red Wine Sangria Recipe
By Bobby Flay from Food Network


2 Bottles red Spanish Table Wine (Tummy used 2 Cabs. instead)
1 Cup Brandy
1/2 Cup Triple Sec
1 Cup orange juice (Tummy juiced fresh orange juice)
1 Cup pomegranate juice
1/2 Cup simply syrup (equal parts sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves, cooled)
Orange slices (however much to your liking)
Apple slices (however much to your liking)
Blackberries (however much to your liking) 
Pomegranate seeds (however much to your liking)


Mix all ingredients together and let stand in a tightly sealed container or pitcher for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

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