Taqueria De Anda

Tummy visiting family in Fullerton inevitably means eating out, for lunch today we opted for something semi-fast as we were in a rush but still wanted to taste something authentic, so upon Brother Charles' suggestion we went to Taqueria De Anda.  Sister of Tummy asked, "Uh... are we going to be sick after eating here?" She was genuinely concerned, the outside of the restaurant did not look like the restaurants we normally frequent, we decided to give it a try anyway, afterall, like I've said before it's usually these places that serve the best food.

The inside of the restaurant looked quite different, with mustard yellow and red walls adorned with landscape pictures Taqueria De Anda didn't look too bad afterall. 

The sizzling of the meats on the grill in the open kitchen got Tummy excited, the menu was rather simple with the usual Mexican tacos, burritos and such, the usual meat and side accompaniments were listed.  Tummy and Brother Charles got one beef burrito to share and ten beef tacos for three of us. 

Tacos were the usual small size on corn tortillas topped with chopped onion and cilantro and served with sides of green and red salsa and sadly, juiceless lime.

To my dismay the tacos were dry and needed a considerate amount of salsa to cover the dry chopped beef sitting on the tortillas.  I couldn't help but notice that though the ingredients looked fresh it was all very bland, the taste of the cilantro and onions were muted, the limes had no juice in them and after trying to juice one lime over the taco to no avail I decided it helpless and went without.  And the dryness of the meat took away all the flavor that could have been, this I washed down with Horchata, which was as you'd expect... bland.

Compared to the tacos the burrito was great, but this isn't to say that it actually was "great", after gnawing through dry taco meets and bland onions and cilantro anything would taste good- Tummy was very disappointed.  The burrito contained rice, onions, cilantro, our choice of meet and red sauce.  The red sauce was rolled in with the burrito accompaniments and me thinks that this is the reason the burrito was so much better as it had much more moisture which in effect brought out a little more flavor.

The suggestion here, if ever you find yourself in Fullerton, California looking for authentic mexican food, stay away from Taqueria De Anda.  And if you can't seem to help yourself and must check it out my suggestion is to go to another location, as they have 7 different locations your only hope would be that another location serves better.

1 Burrito
10 Tacos
2 Horchatas

The Damage:  $20.00 +/-

308 West Valencia Drive
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 871.4211

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