Bosso Nova Pt.2, Portuguesa Pizza

You may find what I'm about to say a little odd, but here goes anyways... my last visit to Bosso Nova I decided upon a very unlikely dish, pizza, the Portuguesa Pizza to be precise, a thin crust, brick-oven cooked pizza topped with green olives, ham, onions, boiled egg, Brazilian sausage... the pizza was absolutely amazing.  

I never thought to get pizza at Bosso Nova before, but as I sat perusing the menu I realized they had a page full of pizzas, all them quite interesting too.  I decided to opt for a little change to my usual Brazilian dinner at Bosso Nova's and I was more than pleasantly surprised.  The crust was just thin enough with just enough crunch to hold the ingredients.  The combination of toppings on the Portuguesa Pizza I admit was a bit of a gamble, green olives on pizza?  Boiled egg?  What?!  But the tastes came together fantastically, or didn't come together to be more precise.  As the toppings on the pizza are not married as they are in the making of a pasta sauce each individual topping of the Portuguesa could be tasted, and the flavor of each ingredient was just subtle enough, each flavor tasted clean, the egg tasted of egg, the olives of olives, the ham of ham and so on.  Put altogether on one pizza made for a fabulously interesting and yet delicious deliverance.

The Damage:  $20.00 +/-

1 Ponche (Brazilian-style Sangria)
1 Portuguesa Pizza

7181 Sunset Blvd
LA CA 90046
(323) 436.7999

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