Monsieur Marcel Pt.2, Beet salad special & Jambon d'espagne

Lunch with Papa Tapeworm, just Papa Tapeworm and I, quality father daughter time at the mall and a lunch to follow... at Monsieur Marcel, one of my favorite French eateries in Los Angeles.

We sit down at a table, and as Monsieur Marcel is located outside as part of the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles we are able to enjoy the nice sunny weather, and watch as the many people shop in and out of stalls and stores.

We sit shaded by the bright sun by the awnings of the structure and talk of life, love and relationships, I am soon to be married you see, and as of late these father daughter outings have been increasing, and very often we talk of love and life, it's uncertain qualities and excitements.  And so today, like all other father daughter times as of late, we talk again of those things as we wait for our lunch to be served.

Tummy had a feel for a filling salad, upon reading on the board "Specials:  Roasted beet salad" I was convinced this is what I wanted to try.  I envisioned a bowl of fresh wild greens with a mound of roasted beets, crumbled feta cheese and walnuts, instead I received a plate with a short cylindrical mound of roasted beet salad tossed in what I suspected to be a tangy roast beet dressing, the cylindrical mound was topped with crumbled feta, on the side was a rather small portion of greens and walnuts.  It was beautifully plated but damn near impossible to eat.  These long stemmed greens on the side were tangled together and so wanting to eat just a few meant eating the whole bunch that sat on my plate, and as dainty and cute these greens were because of their dainty petit size kept falling off my fork.  The roasted beets were sauced up in a red beet dressing that was too tangy for my taste and though the feta cheese added a bit of salty flavor to shake it up, it didn't quite do the trick.  I was not pleased with this roasted beet salad special, was it not only uninteresting in taste but hard to eat as well which made it impossible to keep a good conversation during lunch.

Papa Tapeworm opted for a better dish, the Jambon d'espagne from their Lunch Sandwich section of the menu, imported serrano ham, roasted pepper and manchego cheese on a fresh baguette.  The sandwiches here at Monsieur Marcel are simple yet delicious.  Brother Charlie and Mr. Borscht have complained that this jambon sandwich contained too much meat, in my book this is a matter of preference, if you happen to love serrano ham, as I do, you will think it the perfect amount.  The sandwich comes with a side of lightly dressed green salad.

There is nothing fancy about the Jambon sandwich or any of the other sandwiches available at Monsieur Marcel, they merely contain a few ingredients, but the sandwiches shine bright at Monsieur Marcel because only the best ingredients are used, and one can really sample the quality of the meats and cheeses in their sandwiches.

The Damage:  $30.00 +/-

1 Beet salad special
1 Jamon sandwich

Monsieur Marcel
6333 W. 3rd Street (Southeast side of the Farmer's Market)
LA CA 90036
(323) 939.7792

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