Broome Street General Store

Brother Charlie and Tummy slowly rolled by on Rowena avenue, "it should be here somewhere" Brother Charlie said looking around slowly,"what's the address?"  Tummy asked.  "We already passed it" Brother Charlie replied as he pulled to the middle of the road to make a u-turn to head back the other way, Brother Charlie grasped the steering wheel of the Mercedes hunker he got landed with for the past month and with the other hand fidgeted with his iPhone, fortunately to Tummy's relief Brother Charlie pulled over to take a glance at his slow-loading already bygone iPhone 3.  "It should be around here somewhere" Brother Charlie kept repeating somewhat confused, Tummy was ready for his "this stupid iPhone" excuse but realized she was looking right at the sign, "there it is!" she said excitedly.  Sitting across the street next to a Yoga studio, tucked away next to a gravelly small parking lot was Broome Street General Store.

Broome Street General Store looked like a little cafe from Portland, Oregon.  Tummy's never been to Portland before, but as of late has been thinking seriously about moving there, and this Broome Street General Store is what she envisioned Portland, Oregon to be like.  A little taste of her imaginary Portland sat right on Rowena Avenue, and it was indeed hard for Tummy not to adore it purely from the looks of it outside.  The little cafe and store was surrounded by a white picket fence with seating out front covered by green leafy trees.  People sat in twos and threes, chatting over hot coffee and breakfast pastries on this chilly late morning, watching them gave Tummy a sense of home and a view of an existence of calm happiness.

Not only does Broome Street General Store have the best Americano in town as said by many but like it's name is a general store, and like it's name with the use of old-linguistics "general store" the store is made-up just as rustically as the term sounds.  It is a magical, rustic wonderland with the smell of coffee brewing, a wide assortment of candy in glass jars, baskets full of packaged licorice and dried pasta, shelves lined with dried spices and herbes in small air-tight glass jars, little kitchen nic-nacs such as honey scoopers, tea strainers, glass juice jars, a recipe storage box, round wooden cutting boards, even gardening tools are sold here!  Perhaps for the organic gardener?  Pickled and jarred pickles and carrots, weaved bags for your Farmer's Market shopping!  Little did organic eating, Farmer's Market shopping, window-sill veg growing Tummy know she would enter her version of heaven this day, which funny enough, was in her imaginary Portlandia on Rowena Avenue in Silverlake, Los Angeles.  No doubt Tummy will be thinking of moving to Portland even more so after leaving Broome Street General Store.

The coffee at Broome Street General Store is made with Gimme coffee, the latte is rich, creamy and just right and their Americano is the best in town.  Next time your around in Silverlake looking for coffee, sandwich or simply a candy or two, stop by Silverlake's little slice of Portland, Oregon and don't forget to say "Gimme coffee please!"

The Damage:  $10.00 +/-

2 Mochas

Broome Street General Store
2912 Rowena Ave
LA CA 90039
(323) 570.0405

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