Cafe Midi Pt.4, French Toast, Spinach with asparagus and Campagnarde

Brunch at Cafe Midi with Mr. Borscht and Brother Charlie.  Yes, Cafe Midi is fast becoming one of my favorite hot spots, feel like brunch?  The answer, Cafe Midi.  Need a coffee?  The answer, Cafe Midi.  Need to replace my broken mug?  The answer, Cafe Midi.  Lately it's been Cafe Midi.  And for someone who is at the beginning of a love affair with Midi I have made quite a blunder to the one person I should not have, the creator of Cafe Midi.  I am by no means a clumsy person, quite careful actually, except when it comes to words, let us just say that 'sticking my foot in my mouth' is not an uncommon thing for me to do.  On this weekend brunch I did just that, an insult that wasn't meant to be an insult and was said quite mistakenly rolled off my tongue, and drew somewhat of an offensive tone from the owner who merely walked away as I sat there abashed to what had just happened.  Mortified, I tried to concentrate on my meal only to keep thinking "I can't believe I just said that?!"

And still two weeks later I think, "I can't believe I just said that?!"  But at some point we all must move on and there's no better way to start than to talk of food... from Cafe Midi.

If it's breakfast or brunch you can almost always make a winning bet that Mr. Borscht will order an omelette, this day was no different, he ordered the Campagnarde, an omelette of mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and potatoes that came with a side of fresh greens tossed in a light vinaigrette.  I hate the taste of omelettes when you cannot taste the eggs, Midi's Campagnarde- you can taste the eggs, you can taste each of the ingredients and I think that  is what makes the Midi omelettes so delicious.  Though I wouldn't suggest the Campagnarde Omelette at Midi and this is not because it doesn't deliver but because I truly believe that there is probably a more interesting omelette on the menu, however if Campagnarde is what you like than Midi is definitely the place to get it.

Brunch time, Tummy would like a nice salad, the salad menu at Cafe Midi is a long one and the variety and difference of each salad from another is significant as well as enticing, indeed this makes it rather difficult to choose one.  On this day I opt for the Asparagus salad:  Grilled asparagus, candied walnuts, pear, spinach, tomatoes, goat cheese and fennel all tossed in a light vinaigrette.  Absolutely fantastic!  Each bite was sweet and savory, and the asparagus, candied walnuts and pear was a delight as if a treat with each bite.  It is my first salad at Cafe Midi and it has wet my appetite for all the other salads to be eaten here.

I believe Brother Charlie ordered the star dish of the day however, the french toast.  Two rather thin but thick slices of toast, battered, cooked and then sprinkled with powdered sugar accompanied by scrambled eggs and a side of potatoes.  When taking a single bite of the french toast one can tell the difference between Midi's french toast and "other" french toast lies in the quality of the bread being used.  Truly the best french toast I have ever encountered and would suggest highly as a breakfast entree.

One can say that this post's rave on Cafe Midi's brunch review is a result of guilty-feelings regarding my terrible blunder, let me just say "should you doubt my words today go eat at Midi cafe"... and you shall doubt me NO MORE!

Below is a picture of Brother Charlie, this is the look he gave me when I mistook the owner's son for his grandchild.

And if the creator of Cafe Midi happens to be reading this post... "I'm SORRRRRRRRY!

The Damage:  $58.00 +/-

2 Mochas
1 Black coffee
1 French toast
1 Spinach with asparagus salad
1 Campagnarde

Cafe Midi
148 S. La Brea Ave
LA CA 90036
(323) 939.9860

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