Daikokuya Pt.2, Ramen

Leave it to Brother Charlie to remind me it was time once again to visit our favorite ramen spot in J-Town, Daikokuya.  The last time we came with ramen in mind and was diverted to eating a couple blocks away at the Curry House instead due to the wait and their new CASH ONLY policy (which we weren't prepared for).  Maybe it was because we haven't had breakfast or perhaps deep down we  wanted to be the first in line but we decided to head on down at opening time.

We parked in a 1-hour parking lot designated for a row of stores (which of course we were not going to) and ducked and weaved between and behind cars with a slight tremble in the heart afraid that the very tall 7' parking security man would spot us... and as tall as he is, thankfully, he did not see us.  Down the street and around the corner we went, surprisingly, there were already people waiting outside of Daikokuya, somehow I wasn't all too surprised.

Some would say there is no atmosphere in Daikokuya, I say that there is, I love the posters and pictures and random decor!

Daikokuya is now CASH ONLY!!

Brother Charlie craves ramen today and who wouldn't with such a cold, sounding nasally, stuffed up and watery he felt that hot broth and some noodles would do him some good.

You cannot see through the broth, it is a tannish color with almost a milky texture, but when you slurp it up you'll find that the flavor is subtle yet distinct, rich and smooth as it goes down and damn delicious.  There are a different variety of ramen out there and to my knowledge it's all about the broth, at Daikokuya they serve ramen with pork broth, hence you will find a good slice or two of bacon in your bowl.  Along with the bacon you will find your ramen bowl floating with loads of green onions, crunchy bean sprouts and bamboo shoots.

Brother Charlie loves to pile on the ginger

The noodles are not mushy but firm yet soft.

Pork bacon, it tastes a lot more delish than it looks.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how great the Ramen here is, after all there was a line even before Daikokuya opened.  It is the ramen here that is most popular and most likely what keeps people coming back for more.  No doubt my brother enjoyed his bowl of ramen today and though it may not have cured his cold I'm sure it made him feel better somehow... though he did sound a tad bit worse afterwards.

The Damage: $ 18.00 +/-

1 Ramen
1 Shredded Pork Bowl

327 E. 1st Street
LA CA 90012
(213) 626-1680

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