Curry House

One slow hot Thursday afternoon Brother Charlie and I made plans to fill our tummies with some Japanese goodness from Daikokuya, upon arrival we were sadly made to make other arrangements as there was quite a bit of a wait AND a new hand-written sign was taped to the door, it read "Cash ONLY".  We walked away trying our best not to bow our heads and doing the best we can to keep optimistic and cheerful.

"Well we'll get to try other new things around here, there's tons of  restaurants we're always passing by" Tummy said happily

"Yea" Brother Charlie merely replied "So where should we go?" he asked


We walked around in the Japanese square lined with bakeries, shops and restaurants, we stopped here and there checking menus pasted to boards and walls, nothing seemed to catch our full attention.

"Do you feel like eating Curry?"  Brother Charlie asked, I love curry and so of course answered, "Yes!"  A part of me may have just been glad Brother Charlie was making an effort, with the oppressive heat and his unusual down-and-out mood I was beginning to get a bit sad~ boo-hoooooo, sniffle-sniffle.

Brother Charlie led me around the corner and across the street to another enclosed Japanese plaza, one I've never been to, have seen nor heard of.  We went up the stairs to the second floor and there at the top was Curry House.

I opened the menu and was taken with the bits of graphics and the pink pastel colors, all very Japanese, perusing through the Curry House Menu gave me visions of little Hello Kitties eating curry, their cute little white-as-snow kitten faces covered in splatters of brown curry sauce as they munched on some pork cutlet curry.  So naturally what I do?  I order some pork cutlet curry of course!

The panko crusted pork cutlet was crispy on the outside served on top of white sticky rice with a good scoop of brown Japanese curry made to medium spicy-ness (as requested) and a side of salad.  The curry was served plain with not a cut of carrot or potato, very different from my mother's curry which is filled with an assortment of vegetables and then served over rice,  however, considering this curry came with a side of rice and a nice cut of fried pork the plain curry was perfect else it surely would have been much too much, too much.  Third bite into my meal I decided that the inside of the pork cutlet was not as moist as it could have been, still the Curry House Pork Cutlet Curry dish beautifully hit the spot as most straight-forward dishes do, American's have their Barbeque sauce, the Italian's their Marinara and the Japanese, they have their curry.

Total Damage:  $ 20.00 +/-

1 pork cutlet curry
1 chicken cutlet curry

Curry House
123 S. Onizuka St. #204
LA CA 90012
(213) 620.0855

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