Cafe Midi Pt. 3, Birthday Salmon Scramble

Birthday brunch, yes it was my birthday recently, September 22nd to be exact... Birthday brunch with just Dad and me.  We talked of the future and sat and enjoyed our coffee a mocha for my father and a cafe vennoise for me, the coffee here is splendid as you already know from my last review of Cafe Midi, An Introduction.

My father does this thing where he allows me to pick his food, so today for breakfast brunch I order him what I know he will love, the Maryland Crabcake Poach, it's simply delectable, sitting on top of an english muffin is a layer of sauteed spinach, crabcake, more sauteed spinach and then a poached egg which when cut into oozes the creamy yoke. 

So far, the Maryland Crabcake spinach poach is still my favorite breakfast item at Cafe Midi but due to my adventurous nature I opt for something I haven't had... I look, I peruse, I choose... I order the Salmon Scramble: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and goat cheese.  The first few bites are moist and delicious, very quickly however the moisture is lost and by the end of the meal my scramble is a little too dry for my taste.  The tangy goat cheese was perfect with the salmon scramble but probably could have used a bit less, every now and then I found myself with a wad of goat cheese and in my experience you shouldn't find yourself looking at a wad goat cheese in your salmon scramble.  The potatoes were yummy as usual, crispy on the outside, moist and soft inside.

At the end of the meal as Father and I looked at our empty plates I said to him, "the Maryland Crabcake Spinach Poach is still my favorite" so, there it is.  The Salmon scramble wasn't by any means terrible, far from it in fact, however compared to the Maryland Crabcake Spinach Poach it really is a very very distant 2nd.

The Damage:  $30.00 +/-

1 Cafe Vennoise
1 Mocha
1 Maryland Crabcake Poach
1 Salmon Scramble

Cafe Midi
148 S. La Brea Ave
LA CA 90036
(323) 939.9860

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