Your Place, the best Thai in Santa Barbara

Monday afternoon Mr. Borscht and I took leave of our relaxing long weekend in Big Sur and once again drove the familiar route back home along the coast, Hwy 1.  Lucia, Plaskett, Cambria, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Pismo, "Bye bye all" I thought to myself as they whizzed by one by one.  By the time we were entering Santa Barbara it was dinner time, and Mr. Borscht and I did not have to debate where to go to fill our hungry tummies.  Your Place!

No not your place, Your Place.  Best thai in town, in Santa Barbara that is.  Mr. Borscht and I used to live in Santa Barbara for some years and would come to Your Place often, it was one of the few reasons we were sad to leave this beautiful yet boring town.

The sign in the entry way read 'Please wait to be seated', we waited.  The waitress who I'm sure is the daughter of the owner of this little thai restaurant recognized us immediately and said "hello", I would have been more enthusiastic about this little reunion but quite frankly I hadn't the energy and I couldn't feel my ass which was becoming a little worrisome at this point.

The decor is very Thai, or what I think to be very Thai and undoubtedly what everyone else thinks is very Thai.  The tables are already set with a caddy of hot peppers should you need any additional tangy spice for your entree.

We decided to order what we usually used to order, to start, the Thai BBQ Chicken.  Marinaded and then grilled and served with sweet & sour sauce.

I always add a bit of chili peppers on the chicken, delish.  Warning:  if you do not like slightly dry chicken forego this starter for the meat is a bit dry.

I do not feel like soup on such a warm day but Mr. Borscht has a thing for the coconut soup at Your Place and so orders a cup which is very much a bowl.  Sliced mushrooms, basil, bits of lemon grass, spicy oil, cilantro herb and of course, coconut milk.  The bowl can easily feed two comfortably and I'm amazed that Mr. Borscht has finished off the entire bowl himself.

One of our favorite dishes is the Chicken Eggplant dish that also includes sliced red bell peppers and basil, the sauce is brown and slightly sweet.  The chicken is good, not dry nor too moist, and the eggplant is soft and melt-in-your-mouth.

Next, Garlic Pepper Beef.  If you are a newcomer to Your Place the Garlic Pepper Beef is a must try, strips and chunks of beef marinaded in a garlic pepper sauce and topped with fresh cilantro, it is mouth watering.  Like it's name Garlic Pepper Beef tastes very much like garlic and pepper, this is my favorite dish at Your Place.

I see many people come in to Your Place and eat a whole single entree themselves and without any rice! Here's a couple of guidelines to eating at Your Place, this will make your experience much yummier:

1.  Eat family style with all entrees at the center of the table

2.  Eat rice with your entrees, on your plate top your rice with the entrees, 
everything will taste infinitely better

3.  You may drink tea during your meal, 
but make sure you drink a small tea-cup or two after you are done eating, 
this will help you digest

The Damage:  $46.17

Jasmine hot tea for 2
Thai BBQ Chicken App
Chicken Eggplant
Garlic Pepper Beef
Rice for 2

Your Place
22 North Milpas St #A
Santa Barbara CA 93103
(805) 966.5151

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