Yogi Woman's Nursing Support tea

Two months ago Mr. Borscht and I welcomed our first baby, a little boy we call Sasha. As you already know from the previous post regarding Saag Daal and lactation I am on the lookout to find pretty much anything (within reason, of course) that can help with increasing my milk supply.

While at Wholefoods' tea section today I saw this box of Yogi tea, 'Woman's Nursing Support' which is said to promote healthy milk supply. While I'm not too sure what they mean by "healthy", do they mean nutritious or healthy as in healthy supply? I figure it won't hurt to give it a try.

The ingredients in the tea are fennel, fenugreek, Anise, chamomile and lavender flower. The flavor of the tea is wonderful and relaxing but does it actually work? That is the question. The directions say to drink a cup in the morning upon waking and then 2 or 3 more cups throughout the day- that sure is a lot of tea but if this does work I won't mind at all drinking so much of it.

The box contained 16 packets of tea, I will tested the Yogi Woman's Nursing Support tea to see if there was any increase in my milk production by consuming the tea four times a day as suggested on the box, this is what I found.

On the third day I was able to pump 2 ounces more milk than usual and on the fourth day (the last day of tests) I was able to pump 5 ounces milk more than usual (but I also had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast as well- another breastmilk increasing food). In conclusion my milk supply did not drastically increase by drinking the tea alone but seemed to work best while consuming other breastmilk increasing foods such as oatmeal, dried apricots and Saag Daal. Will I continue to purchase Yogi's Woman's Nursing Support tea again? It's hard to say, for the single purpose of upping my breastmilk? Most likely not, however I do like to have a nightly cup of tea so why shouldn't I choose to drink something beneficial to my baby.

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