Vegan Spelt Bread by Rudi's Organic Bakery

A bread that is soy free, dairy free, organic! Vegan! and Non-GMO! - the first thing that comes to mind are loafs of really dense, dry, bland bread, but even so I'm always up for trying something new- one of my more amiable qualities of life. It just so happens that with this first pregnancy (I am now 6 months into it) I have been eating quite a bit of bread, so much so that my doctor has asked me to forego wheat bread and white bread for better bread such as whole grains, Wasa crackers or even spelt (which is said to be better for digestion). So I came home from Wholefoods one day with a loaf of Spelt bread by Rudi's Organic Bakery (this is the brand). I can't say that the bread itself looked all that appetizing although just by handling the bag I was able to feel that the bread was soft oppose to completely dense like other healthy breads I've picked up in the past (which by the way had turned me off to healthy bread choices).

I put a couple of slices into the toaster oven. Slightly toasted I spread organic vegan butter and took a bite. Boy was I surprised by the moist and deliciousness of the vegan spelt bread! It isn't only absolutely great for a healthy bread choice but also absolutely great amongst all other breads I've had before. The first bag was shared amongst a few guests that I had over for the weekend, they all loved it. Many described the chewy moist texture of the inside and the crunchy toasted outside as perfect, I have to agree with this. Needless to say, after only 3 days I'm going back to Wholefoods for another bag.

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