Cooking At Home: Two Favorite Ways To Devour Leftover Kimchi

When there is leftover kimchi, and there always seems to be leftover kimchi, I make Kimchi Fried Rice and/or Kimchi Chigae (stew). Unlike a majority of the Korean population I love my kimchi fresh, I won't eat any other kind, traditionally kimchi is well marinated; cabbage smothered with spicy seasoning and salt sits to pickle before being served. I never really liked the traditional kimchi, instead I love the freshly made kimchi, which means that I always have leftover kimchi. Fresh kimchi becomes traditional kimchi in not too long, so when I buy a batch of freshly made kimchi I have days to eat it before I won't touch it, so when the kimchi goes traditional which it almost always does when I buy a batch, I make either Kimchi Fried Rice or Kimchi Chigae with the leftovers... and both if I'm lucky!

Kimchi chigae is a stew made with your leftover kimchi and all of its juices. Pork or a meat of your choice is added along with water to create more broth. The chigae recipe is literally that simple, simple boil then simmer all these ingredients together and serve it up with rice and other sides (if you so wish).

Kimchi Fried Rice is exactly what it sounds like, fried rice with kimchi. Add your choice of meat along with your leftover kimchi and all its juices AND your leftover day-old rice, talking about the ultimate leftover dish!

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