Cooking At Home: Kimchi Fried Rice BABY!

Apparently the Fresh Kimchi at the Korean Market near my home only sells in one size, a very large batch, large for two people at least. So with a large bag full of Fresh Kimchi left from our curry dinner I decide to make Kimchi Fried Rice, Mr. Borscht loves this!  If you like Kimchi then you're going to love Kimchi Fried Rice.  This is how I do it.

1.  Day old rice (I used about 2-3 cups of day old rice)
2.  Kimchi and its juices, roughly chopped (the amount is upto you depending on how spicy and how much kimchi you want in your fried rice, I like my Kimchi Fried Rice to be loaded with Kimchi so I used about 1 1/2 -2 cups of chopped kimchi)
3.  Kimchi juice, 2-3 ladles full
4.  Your choice of meat, or none at all if you wish (I usually like to put bits of left over korean bbq but I only had sandwich ham, so sandwich ham it is!)
5.  1 1/2 tbsp of butter


STEP 1:  Heat a large heavy skillet on med-high heat then add the butter to melt.

STEP 2:  Once the butter is melted enough to coat the pan add all of your chopped kimchi and its juices, fry while occasionally giving it a stir for about 7-10 minutes.  Cooking the kimchi on the pan this way first will create a more robust flavored kimchi fried rice.

*Note:  If you're worried that you may not have added enough chopped kimchi to the pan, not to worry you can still add more at any time.  Just remember that the later you add it to the mix the less fried/cooked it will be.

Spread the kimchi out once put into the pan so that it will cook evenly.

STEP 3:  Add the rice and give it a mix making sure to break-up the rice and coating it with the Kimchi juice.  Fry whilst occasionally giving it a stir.

STEP 4:  At this point you can add in your already cooked meat into the mix.  I diced my sandwich ham like so (pictured below) and simply tossed it into the pan with the rest of the cooking ingredients, you simply need to warm up the meat.

*Note:  At this point I usually add a couple of ladles of kimchi juice from the kimchi container (or bag, in my case).  Adding in extra kimchi juice makes for extra kimchi-tastic fried rice.  You can always forego adding in more kimchi juice if you desire a lighter tasting kimchi fried rice.

STEP 5:  The kimchi fried rice is ready to serve when the rice begins to really stick to the bottom of the pan, if this is happening way before you can simply add more butter, or if your healthy conscious you can add more kimchi juice.

*Note:  Once I have to begin scraping the rice off the bottom of the pan while cooking is when I know when my kimchi fried rice is ready. If you like your kimchi fried rice less fried then simply take the pan off the heat sooner, remember that everything that goes into your kimchi fried rice is already cooked so there is no harm in less cooking time.

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