Product Review: Trader Joe's 10 Minute Farro

As of late the Italian grain farro has been my new favorite thing, there's  just something about that chewy texture and nutty flavor that I can't get enough of. And of course  what do you know good 'ol Trader Joe just happens to stock it! And not just any farro but quick cooking 10 Minute farro, of course I haven't a clue how long it actually takes to cook the grain but I know as a new parent that quick anything is awesome in my book, except drive-thrus that is. 

The bag of farro holds roughly 2 cups of farro, that serves roughly 4 people quite well in my home- I think the small portion packaging is great as it means you can buy a couple of bags and just open one when you need it and leave the other for next time when you want it, meaning you get fresh farro everytime, plus the bags are uber cute.

The back of the packaging gives you directions on how to cook the farro three different ways, simmering, boiling and in a soup, and yes, they all roughly take about 10 minutes! I just recently tried preparing my farro by simmering via their directions, it turned out fantastic, although I have to say it has to be really hard to F-up farro.

Curious? And want to try it? My suggestion is go for it, chances are you're going to like the simplicity of the 10 Minute Farro. Try preparing the farro and then tossing it in pesto sauce with some sauteed diced veg as I did: Basil Pesto Farro with Zucchini, it's absolutely delish!

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