Cooking At Home: A Hole in One! A delightful breakfast snack fun for kids and ADULTS!

I saw this recipe when I was 15 years old, I had a set of cookbooks for kids, they were filled with basic recipes that were more focused on creating fun to eat foods. I don't have those kid's cookbooks anymore and none of the recipes really stuck, except this one, it's called the Hole-In-One. It's a very basic and simple recipe that is fun to eat and make (for adults and kids!) and of course it's also very tasty.

The Hole-In-One consists of only two ingredients, eggs and slices of bread. The bread can be plain white bread, rye bread, sour dough or etc. whichever bread you choose is fine and will work for this recipe but my preference is to use baguette, I find that slices of baguette gives the overall appearance of this little breakfast snack a little class.

INGREDIENTS(for 2 servings):
2 slices of baguette, cut at an angle to a thickness of roughly 1-inch

2 large or extra large eggs

Salt & pepper, to taste

STEP 1 Heat a heavy bottomed grill pan or skillet on medium-low heat until the pan is thoroughly heated.

STEP 2 Take your slices of baguette and pick out the bread in the middle creating a hole large enough to fit the egg yolk.

STEP 3 When the pan is thoroughly heated melt a little bit of butter in the pan, enough to coat the pan with butter (this is so that the egg does not stick).

STEP 4 Add the bread to the pan, in each of the holes crack an egg so that the yolk fits inside the hole. Allowing the whites to over-flow onto the top of the bread is fine, and more likely than not this will happen- don't worry it's a good thing, it'll make this dish extra yummy.

STEP 5 Sprinkle salt & pepper onto each of the Hole-In-Ones.

STEP 6 Cover the pan and allow it to cook for about 2 minutes. During this step we are waiting for the egg to just set.

STEP 7 When you feel it is time to flip the Hole-In-Ones, add a little bit more butter to the pan, so the other side of the egg will not stick to the pan when cooking and carefully flip the Hole-In-Ones. Allow the second side to cook for about 1-2 minutes in an uncovered pan. In this step we are waiting for the other side of the Hole-In-One to cook. You can usually tell if the second side is done by looking at the whites on the pan, if the whites on the pan look like they've set the Hole-In-One is ready to be taken out, another way to check if they are done (but this way risks popping the yolk) is to try and gently lift the bread off the pan, if the bread does not come off with ease than the eggs are not yet done cooking and need another few seconds.

The egg white have run over the the rest of the bread and has created a beautiful layer of egg on top of the baguette. This makes it even more delicious and rustic-looking!

I've only used salt & pepper to season my Hole-In-Ones but feel free to get creative by 1. Adding your choice of soft cheese (you would add soft cheese after you've flipped you're Hole-In-One and started to cook the second side, this will allow your soft cheese to sit on top and melt on the already cooked side of the Hole-In-one); and/or 2. Using a bit of thyme, leaves picked (sprinkle the thyme over the yolk while the first side of the Hole-In-One is setting) then flip and cook the second side with the thyme.

When you dig in, the bread should be slightly crisp on the outside and the yolk should ooze out, a delectable little breakfast or brunch snack for anyone who loves dipping bread into egg yolk!

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