Trader Joe's g* Organic Corn Chip Dippers

Maybe it's the gluten-free (g*) part that I love so much, I have my doubts on this though. I decided to try Trader Joe's brand Organic Corn Chip Dippers, at this point it was most definitely the g* that was stamped right on the front of the bag that got me, but I was to later realize that there's much more to love about this bag of corn chips than just the g*.

I went home opened a container of pico de gallo and the corn dippers, I tried the corn dippers alone and then I tried them with the pico de gallo. Fantastic! The Organic gluten-free corn chip dippers have the perfect crunch, each dipper is large and scooped shaped (as seen in the below picture) ideal for scooping and thick enough to hold pretty much any kind of dip not just watery pico de gallo but a large scoop of 7-layer dip as well (I tried this too). The crunch, the slight saltiness (not over saltiness which I find most chips to be) results in the perfect corn chip dipper perfect for eating alone too!

Now, week's later I've bought my 3rd bag of TJ's Organic g* corn chip dippers. Is it worth a try? Yes, totally.

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