Le Pain Quotidien: Chicken Tortilla Soup perfect for a gloomy day

On a chilly weekend morning Mr. Borscht and I found ourselves sitting out on the back patio of Le Pain Quotidien, once again. The cold air made it a terrible day for my usual bowl of cold Gazpacho, so I maneuvered myself into a Chicken Tortilla Soup mood which wasn't hard in the least bit given the gloomy weather. Chicken Tortilla Soup that is tomatoey and loaded with vegetables as well as pieces of chicken, all afloat in a chicken broth full of flavor. With just the right amount of flavors and spice, and hearty (yet not overly hearty) the Chicken Tortilla Soup is something to be had... especially on a chilly day, it's the type of soup that can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Damage:  $7.50 +/-
1 Chicken Tortilla Soup, bowl size

Le Pain Quotidien
113 N. Larchmont
LA CA 90004
(323) 461.7701

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