Options on vintage-style kitchen scales

If I was more of a baker then I'd probably already have a vintage-styled kitchen scale, then again, maybe if I had a kitchen scale I'd be more of a baker.  A friend of mine has an electronic modern kitchen scale, he swears by it, I saw him use it on occasion and I swear by it too but when it comes to thinking about purchasing my own kitchen scale I just can't help but be attracted to the vintage-style ones.  They're so cute with their large dial faces, swinging needles and metal bowls.  Below are a few options of vintage-style kitchen scales, ranging from "pretty darn expensive" to "man, that's really affordable". 

Front and back view

The kitchen scale & clock from Terrain is pretty expensive and would definitely put a dent in my pocket book, on the otherhand the scale which is made of recycled aluminum and is stainless steel and has a 6.5lb capacity and 1oz. sensitivity doubles as a clock, whether this is worth the price... totally up to you.  I would probably forego this very cute kitchen scale by Terrain for something more affordable, I already have a built in clock on my stove anyway.

                           AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

The Polder kitchen scale available at Amazon weighs up to 11 pounds and is made of stainless steel and has a removeable bowl (pretty much all vintage-style scales have removeable bowls). The Polder kitchen scale comes with a 1yr warranty.  Compared with the Terrain kitchen scale the Polder seems more attractive to me, maybe not in looks, but definitely by price and usability. The Polder scale is able to weigh roughly 5 pounds more than the Terrain scale, and the polder scale is also made of stainless steel.

My favorite and "Will Buy" kitchen scale is Sur La Table's Taylor Red kitchen scale.  At $29.95 the Taylor Red kitchen scale is the most affordable and has a 11 pound capacity, is made of stainless steel design with a colorful red accent... and of course, has a removeable bowl for easy usage.  The fact that it's the most affordable and can do what a scale is supposed to do PLUS look good! - Yea, hands down, I'm all over this one.

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