Did you know that you can peel garlic in 2-steps?

I love garlic, I think garlic makes everything taste better save for the few things such as fruit, garlic and fruit together? Ick. As much as I love garlic it was hard for me to want to cook with the darn little things, peeling them with such a B*!tc#, if you ever cooked with garlic and peeled them by hand you know what I mean. Then I found this amazing way to peel garlic and it really only takes 2 simple steps.  Here's how...

1. You will need a big knife

2. Use the fat end of your knife and your fist to smash the garlic. 

Do this by taking your clove of garlic and laying it sideway, take your knife with the sharp side away from you, align and gently lay the fatter end of the knife (closer to the handle) ontop of the garlic, then take your fist and smash the other side of the knife, the knife will squash the garlic on the other side of the knife (as seen below).

3. Peel

The skin of the garlic clove should come off in one piece!

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