Figaro Bistrot makes a lovely chicken & mushroom stew crepe

Crepes au Poulet, chicken and mushroom stewed in garlic cream sauce served with salad

Cream of mushroom soup?  How about Chicken Pot Pie or thyme?!  These are the dishes and flavors that Figaro Bistrot's Crepes au Poulet reminds me of... absolutely sinful.  Mr. Borscht calls Crepes au Poulet a sauce lovers dish because, as you can see from the picture above, this crepe is saucy and without it it just might be nothing.  

The crepe is thin and soft, enclosed are chunks of bite-size chicken and mushrooms.  The sauce surrounding the crepe is a garlic cream sauce with a mild hint of mushroom flavor and each bite reminds you of thyme, cream of mushroom soup and chicken pot pie.  Absolutely delicious! 

Total Damage:  $13.00 +/-
1 Crepes au Poulet

1802 N. Vermont Ave
LA CA 90027
(323) 662.1587

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