Weekday brunch at Blu Jam Cafe, Rancheros

A spontaneous sleepover with girlfriends almost always calls for brunch the next day if you've got the time, which is exactly what we had: time. And there's really no better time to catch brunch or breakfast  at Blu Jam Cafe unless it's a weekday, which it was, Monday to be exact. 

If ever you catch yourself craving Blu Jam Cafe on Saturday or Sunday morning just stop yourself right there, let me save you the effort and your time (since we're on the subject), the line is long and you'll have to wait, and in the LA summer heat that's just not an option, for me at least.

But like I said, it was Monday and there was no wait, we were sat immediately and was waited on by a young man with a scruffy mustache, he wore a plaid shirt and cutoff jean shorts, he was funny, nice and had a rather cute humour that made you smile and feel uplifted.

As Blu Jam Cafe is my new place of extreme interest I'm up for trying new things and am looking to try something different with my every visit, today for brunch I decide on the Rancheros, one of the many gluten-free items on their menu.

The Rancheros consists of "Two fried eggs, red bell peppers, chipotle, cilantro & black beans, topped with cheddar, tomato salsa, avocado and sour cream all on top of crispy corn tortillas, served with potatoes."

Having had two consecutive delicious meals at Blu Jam Cafe I was expecting to be wowed again, which unfortunately I was not.  I have to say that the Rancheros probably ranks the lowest on my experiences at Blu Jam Cafe.  First and foremost I am not in favor of the fried corn tortilla, the fried corn tortilla made it not only impossible to eat since the texture was flat out hard and gave the impression of a staleness (for I even had a hard time cutting through it with a knife), thus when trying to hold up the corn tortilla with the toppings on it instead it just became even harder and much messier as you can imagine.  Secondly, as contrite as it may be I do like to eat with my eyes as well as my mouth, piling ingredients upon ingredients in a mound that is all-around messy is not my idea of delicious, if anything it just gives me anxiety for how do you even go about tackling such a challenge (especially if you can't even cut through the fried tortilla)< In this way it probably would have been much better if the Rancheros dish was served with plain heated corn tortillas instead. And while each individual ingredient was delicious: black beans, bell peppers, cilantro, eggs, avocado and such, the result as a whole (the big picture of taste) was very ordinary, and the twist of adding bell peppers and chipotle into the mix just didn't cut it.

Total Damage:  $12.00 +/-

1 Rancheros

7371 Melrose Ave
LA CA 90046
(323) 951.9191

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