Trader Joe's g* (gluten free) Penne Corn Pasta

Gone g* for the past few months I have been craving one thing, pasta!  Then one day as I was shopping at Trader Joe's I found in their pasta section Corn Pasta penne that is... Gluten Free!  I got immediately excited but not too excited, I didn't want my hopes to get dashed by gluten-free pasta that  just didn't taste quite right< I have run into such problems recently with g* bread that is either too dry,  too dense and nearly always too bland- it's always such a let down especially since I do love my occasional sandwiches.  Given this problem with finding perfect g* edibles I naturally thought it would make a great informative post to do, a product review on Trader Joe's g* penne pasta made of corn for those gluten-freers.  This review is not about the pasta recipe but about the g* penne pasta itself; the texture and the taste being the two main factors to be discussed.

I prepared the g* pasta as directed on the package.  Upon boiling and draining in the colander one can see that the pasta pretty much looks identical to regular pasta (as seen in the picture above).  The pasta texture was slightly chewy but soft all the way through and tasted a mere hint of corn, some may not even taste anything at all- in this way the g* corn pasta is most similar, nearly identical to regular pasta in taste.  The texture was slightly chewy but soft all the way through, the pasta didn't seem too dense and didn't crumble or fall apart easily- the g* pasta once again is very similar to that of regular pasta in texture.

After draining the pasta I tossed it into a pan that was heating up plain marinara sauce, salmon and bits of onion.  When the pasta was served and my bowl finished I concluded that the g* corn pasta by Trader Joe's is pretty darn good.  One can't tell that it is g* free at all, the texture is perfect as well as the taste.  This is one g* item by Trader Joe's that one shouldn't be afraid to try, it's absolutely fantastic!

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