Le Pain Quotidien: Farmhouse Avocado Salad, the perfect salad for a hot day

Living in an non-airconditioned home means escaping the heat during the stifling L.A. Summer, at almost 100 degrees I decide to take my book, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (which I am completely engrossed in btw) and run away to La Pain Quotidien where I'm sure it'll be airconditioned.

The summer heat has got me craving something fresh and uncooked, I peruse the specials and immediately know what I want to try which I've never had here before, the Farmhouse Avocado Salad.

A large pile of shredded red cabbage, carrots, thinly sliced red radishes, fennel, arugula topped a small portion of farro sitting at the bottom of the plate, all this is topped with slices of avocado and drizzled with avocado dressing that has flavors of citrus, cilantro and is tangy but refreshing.  I opted to add chicken for a couple more dollars, and do think it is worth it if you like your meat.

The dressing wasn't overwhelming in the least bit and if anything accented the natural flavors of the salad which was crunchy and fresh in texture, a quality that was most welcomed and appreciated on a hot day.  The nuttiness of the farrow was a bit undermined due to the small quantity that was given in comparison with the fresh vegetables that topped the grain but this didn't bother me as the the mixture of spicy arugula, sweet crunchy carrots, herby red cabbage and the earthy radishes melded with the fresh tanginess of the avo dressing was near perfect.  I'm not a fan of salads where the dressing is all one can taste and this salad, the Farmhouse Avocado Salad at La Pain Quotidien, is the opposite of that.  This salad features the fresh flavors of the vegetables and I found it to be quite uplifting; the salad is healthy, light but filling and fresh.

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