Blu Jam Cafe, Sunday brunch with Migas and an iced mocha

Sunday brunch at Blu Jam Cafe with Mr. Borscht, Brother Charles and his new wife Webbie Mouse.

Trying to get a table at Blu Jam on weekends will most likely consist of a wait but the owner of Blu Jam is well aware of the customers and set up pitchers of ice cold water for customers to help themselves to a cool drink in the mid of waiting to fulfill their Tummies' wishes in the Los Angeles Summer heat.

I'm determine to get a table indoors and occupy one of the hosts with this request, he is nice and sweet and very accommodating.  I immediately take a liking to his cheery demeanor.

First thing is first, upon sitting down we all order iced mochas, absolutely delicious.  Do give this a try on a warm summer day, there's nothing like a 2 in 1 drink, it can cool you down and wake you up!

I'm always up for trying something different, "better to write a review on and better to keep my adventurous ways" :)  Today I order the Migas (a *g dish) which is an egg scramble dish that consists of chorizo, jalepeno, tomato salsa, chipotle, red bell peppers and is served with a few corn chips for garnish and corn tortillas and a side of breakfast potatoes.

The Migas is flavorful with a slight spicy kick to it, you can taste the bell peppers, the tomato salsa adds a freshness and brightness to the smokey deep flavors of the other ingredients that is much needed and resolved by the salsa.  The Migas is even more delicious when eaten wrapped in the tortilla.  If what you desire is a Mexican scramble with lots of deep flavors that will wow your senses this, the Migas, is a good dish to consider.

The Loxex, another egg scramble dish.  The Loxex consists of smoked salmon, chives, onions, tomatoes, brie cheese topped with sour cream and served with a side of toast and breakfast potatoes.

I dislike smoke salmon dishes where the smoke salmon is completely overpowering resulting in a semi-too-salty dish.  The Loxex is a good example of the perfect balance of smoke salmon and egg.  The Loxex is probably one of the best smoke salmon scramble dishes I've had in Los Angeles, the chives and fresh tomatoes adds another level that can be described as adding a bite (via chive) and freshness (via tomatoes)... and the sour cream? Must I explain the greatness of the smoke salmon and sour cream pairing?  I think not.

And thus started our Sunday at Blu Jam Cafe... a very good start.

Total Damage:  $37.00 +/-
2 Iced Mochas
1 Migas
1 Loxes

7371 Melrose Ave
LA CA 90046
(323) 951.9191

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