Single-cup of coffee Manual Drip Cone

Like every other person on this planet I love my coffee, oh how I look forward to my morning coffee!  Smelling coffee brewing in the morning reminds me of that Folger commercial, I wonder if that still plays on television now?

Before I got my single-cup coffee manual drip cone I use to always buy my coffee at the coffee shop, thankfully black coffee can be fairly affordable, but as you already know, it adds up.  $1.50 four times a week is $30.00 a month and $360 a year, and that's calculations for just black coffee.  If you're one of those fancy coffee drinkers fancy mochas and lattes or whatnot, the numbers double.

To be honest though I didn't purchase my manual coffee drip cone for financial or budget reasons, it was just one of those things I realized afterwards that made me appreciate even more my simple coffee drip cone.

You can buy a single-cup coffee manual drip cone in just about any home store or even at the coffee shop, but I found that the one's selling at the coffee shop and home specialty shops were more expensive than the one I bought at my nearest food mart, I bought it for less than $3.00.

Simply put the cone over your coffee cup, line the cone with a coffee filter, add your ground coffee, and pour in the hot water, simple.  I found that pouring the water in from the top edge of the filter little by little makes better tasting coffee than just being impatient and pouring the water in haphazardly filling it all the way to the top (you'll get more watery coffee that way), like with all other good things that come, you need to wait a little bit for that good cup of joe.  So yes, you'll be doing the work to drink that coffee, and yes I was a little peeved and couldn't get used to it right away but now I find that I make the perfect black coffee for me... plus it's for free :)  And I won't lie, the whole process is a bit fun.  

But the best part of the single-cup manual drip cone is that it makes 1 cup of coffee, not 2, not 3, but 1!  Which is perfect, because there's only one of me (which is the reason why I never bought a coffee maker in first place, just seemed like such a splurge for one person).  So, problem fixed!

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