Graffiti Sublime Coffee

A new coffee cafe stands in the place where Sonora Cafe used to be on La Brea Blvd.  Sonora Cafe has long been closed and the lot vacant.  But no more does the lot stand in limbo, it has been taken over by Graffiti Sublime Coffee, a coffee cafe that stands solidly and shiningly in the thrones of modernism.  Armed with smiling and informative baristas trained in the "Intelligentsia" way of making coffee, this new coffee cafe is worth visiting, not only for it's great coffee, and modern decor but also for it's yummy treats which has a common theme of taking old favorites and making them into adult-friendly takes.

The main colors of the cafe is black and white and takes on a minimal approach to interior decor.  Be forewarned that is hard not to go "ohhhh" and "awww" upon first walking in through their doors.

The much asked for Brother Charlie is back... with his funny faces!

The Mocha, my usual choice of order when out for coffee is made to perfection at Graffiti Sublime Coffee.  While I tend to like my mochas on the sweeter side with full chocolate flavor I was still able to appreciate and notice the greatness of the traditional mocha here at Graffiti.  The mocha is smooth and subtle, the quality of the beans used here is noticeable.

Fantastic eye-popping treats such as the Butter Nutter, a take on old favorite, Nutter Butter, is hard not to order simply for a taste.  Large peanut butter cookies larger than the palm of your hands sandwiches a creamy not-to-sweet peanut butter.

Also the large TKO Baked Orea, OMG.

But what I couldn't hold-back on was trying Graffiti's larger than life macaroons, "pistachio please". The crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside pastry sandwiches a whipped cream filling (opposed to the marzapan fillings I'm quite used) makes for a fun, exciting and indulgent pleasure to your palate.  Once again not too sweet with pistachio flavoring and the whipped creamy filling.  I do love my traditional macaroons however and so will try the Butter Nutter instead next time, even so if curiosity befalls you regarding their macaroons I would not suggest foregoing it, it is quite a tasty treat.

The lot that Graffiti sits on is large, and the seating inside the cafe a plenty.  There is outdoor seating should you want that, seating near the fireplace, seating nooks, counters, booths and tables.  Armed with free wireless you can feel free to grab a TKO Baked Orea and a latte, sit in a booth and work on your laptop.  Even with the modern minimal take in the interior decor there's a warm vibe about the place, maybe it is the friendly baristas and the easy-going atmosphere, whatever it is, it's totally working.  Don't hesitate to walk in through their doors to try a mocha or latte and maybe even voice a warm welcome to the new coffee cafe in town.

Total Damage:  $9.00 -/+

Pistachio Macaroon

Graffiti Sublime Coffee
180 S. La Brea
LA CA 90036
Open 7am-10pm, 7 days a week!

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