A Splatter Guard To Keep The Stove-Top Grease Free

Cleaning the stove is always something I dread doing but cleaning up an oil-splattered and thus greasy stove top is a pure nightmare for me.  As a preventative measure and trying to keep my stove as clean as possible I purchased a splatter guard.  Splatter guards can range anywhere from a few dollars to $80 (and probably even more).  And though I'd love nothing more than to keep the grease from splattering I'm simply not willing to spend more than a few dollars for my splatter guard, I suppose a part of me believes that while you can prevent your stove-top from getting completely greased out, it's pretty much impossible to keep it from happening completely.  So I opt to purchase a pretty generic splatter guard and it works quite well, while it may not keep it completely free of splatter I have to say it does reduce it by 90%, which is enough to keep me happy.  I'm all smiles.

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