Le Pain Quotidien: Chilled Gazpacho

I didn't understand why Chilled Gazpacho was under "specialty" on Le Pain Quotidien's menu and why in heaven they served it everyday.  Chilled Gazpacho neither sounds appetizing or welcoming; the word "gazpacho" which sounds very similar to gestapo gives me visions that rises some kind of fear inside me.  But of course this is all because I'm a naive American, I'm sure in Spain gazpacho sounds nothing like gestapo or gives even an inkling to compare the two.

Even so, curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a bowl of the Chilled Gazpacho.  A pureed tomato based cold soup with herbs and Le Pain Quotidien's secret ingredient, bread, which gives this gaspacho a slightly thick and runny texture.  The Chilled Gazpacho at Le Pain Quotidien is highly recommended, it is refreshing and flavorful and surprisingly filling.  The Gaspacho comes with a side of two slices of bread which of course you could eat with your gaspacho...

or save it for last to eat with Le Pain Quotidien's many spreads! - This is how I do it of course!  The Praline spread is one of my favorites but if you're better friends with jam then I suggest the apricot jam which is absolutely mouthwatering!

Total Damage: $7.00 +/-
1 Chilled Gazpacho

Le Pain Quotidien
113 N. Larchmont
LA CA 90004
(323) 461.7701

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