Original Thai BBQ Pt.2, Featuring the Thai BBQ ribs

I had been so busy eating the Thai BBQ Chicken on almost every visit that I almost missed out on the Thai BBQ Ribs!  Wait- let me back up a bit and do it right, let me start from the beginning so this post could prove to be as well-rounded as this night's meal.

We begin our dinner with soup, Spicy shrimp soup.  All soup come as a hotpot as shown below, enough to feed four easily.  The soup contains shrimp, mushroom, pieces of lemongrass and cilantro.  My favorite thai soup, slightly spicy, tangy, a little sour... and the cilantro and lemongrass- yum.

And because we need some kind of carbs we go for a noodle dish.  Mr. Borscht has a real thing for the Pad-Thai at Original Thai BBQ, I myself am not a peanut lover nor of noodles that taste sweet but there is no denying that the Pad-Thai here is worth trying if you are a Pad-Thai connoisseur.  The Pad-Thai consists of rice noodles tossed in semi-sweet and peanutty sauce, the dish also contains a good amount of bean sprout and scrambled egg.  The dish can also serve 3-4 people.

The main feature of today's post, the Original Thai BBQ Ribs.  On a few occasions I had seen these ribs being ordered and wondered quite a lot about them, but I wonder no more!  Large pieces of ribs, soft, slightly chewy, falls off the bone, sweet, with a slightly charred bar-b-qued flavor.  The deliciousness was quite unexpected I have to admit for it is hard to find well-cooked and well-flavored ribs.  And I do believe I like the ribs even more than I do the chicken, perhaps the fact that I will always go for ribs if given the choice between ribs and chicken has something to do with it.  I have heard around though that the ribs could be hit or miss, one day you may get a dish of ribs are most perfect in every way and then another day you may get ones that are too chewy, too fatty, too bony- I suppose that is the nature of ribs though.  But once again, if you are a rib fan, I'd give it a go.  The A La Carte Rib dish can easily feed 2 people.

Total Damage:  $24.00 +/-

1 Spicy shrimp soup
1 Pad-thai
1 Thai BBQ Ribs

Original Thai BBQ Restaurant
4055 W. 3rd Street
LA CA 90020
(213) 383.8571

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