Single Origin

When it comes to comparing palates we can safely say that there is a wide variety of palates, some things that I may find too salty others may not, other who believe something is too sweet I may feel is perfect.  And when it comes to coffee the difference in palate and what is satisfying to our own tongue is even more so different than the next tongue.

A new coffee bar has popped up in the middle of the Grove's Farmer's Market on the ever congested 3rd Street.  What once was inhabited by a bakery of sorts has now been taken over by a coffee bar called Single Origin (SO).  With its wide selection of baked cooks that is evidently baked fresh as I can smell it in the air as I pass by, its cool looking coffee chemistry drip set lined out at front, the large sparkly coffee machine with gauges and compressors this new coffee bar is hard to dismiss.  A little hipster coffee bar has popped up in the very LA Farmer's Market, a bit out of place it seems to be with its hipster-like attitude and employees but I have to say that this is all part of the attraction, a little piece of Silverlake has seemed to land in our midst.

I fight the urge to order the signature TCHO Mocha and decide upon another signature mixture of theirs called Salted Caramel.  I put in my order, wait two minutes, my name is called, and I look at the beautiful teal colored coffee cup and the Salted Caramel coffee inside adorned with a beautiful leaf design they so often do everywhere these days, I hope some day to look upon an elephant instead!

I feel a bit of an excitement rising, the first taste from a new coffee shop is always an event for me.  I take the first sip, then the second and then a third.  I am, in a word, disappointed.  Salted Caramel?  It tastes neither of saltiness or of caramel, simply tastes like a regular latte to me.  A bit too light for my liking, and a bit too bland, there is nothing exciting nor different about this coffee.

And so while I was attracted like a mosquito to a bright light with the new coffee bars fancy-pansy, hipster-like decor and ways the coffee did nothing for me, or more specifically, the Salted Caramel latte did nothing for me.  Whether I will ever go back is questionable, however if I do now I know better, maybe I shall give it a go another time soon, a black coffee and pastry will just have to do.  Until then SO it is a sad adieu.

Total Damage:  $10.00 +/-

1 small Salted Caramel
1 small TCHO Mocha

Single Origin (SO)
6333 W. 3rd Street, Stall #316
LA CA 90036
(323) 761.7976

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