The Library Bar

The one place to go for drinks whether cocktail or beer and delicious old-fashioned bar food and then some?  The Library Bar.

On a Saturday night the bar/lounge known as The Library Bar was fairly packed, seating is minimal, three medium sized lounge corners, one picnic table for those lucky enough to grab it and then the line of tall bar seats at the bar.  Now here is a place one can come on a date... or not, meeting friends or simply alone, The Library Bar seems to be a place for all kinds.

But the most notable aspect of The Library Bar seems to not only be the beer and cocktail served but also the food.  Here is a place where "bar food" takes a step up in the world of bar foods,  grilled cheese sandwiches made with Gruyere and Asiago cheese, delicious burgers of different kinds, french fries that aren't stale!  Pork Belly Skewers, Roast Marrowbones or Grilled Artichoke with chili aioli dipping sauce!  What more can one ask for with their beer... or cocktail?!

The bar is dimly lit and the people that frequent here seem to be friendly, the bartenders busy but accommodating.  I immediately like The Library Bar even if it isn't the usual divy bars I like to frequent.

The grilled cheese sandwich made with melted Asiago and Gruyere cheese on sour dough bread with a smear of tomato tapenade, simple and delicious.  But it seems that the Library Burger is the popular item on the menu, many customers are ordering The Library Burger as I quietly peruse the menu, caramelized onions sweet pickles, white cheddar, arugula and mustard.  The meat is grade A, moist and flavorful.  Now this is a place where bar food is given a kick, this isn't just bar food and best of all... it is all fairly priced.

Finally a place casual enough to come alone but nice enough to bring a date.  Finally a place where one can bring a date to buy a drink and grab a bite.  If you're looking for a fast date night, this should definitely be a place to consider.

The Damage:  $39.15

1 Library Burger
1 Grilled Cheese Sandwich
1 Stella
1 Manhattan

630 West 6th Street
Suite 116-A
LA CA 90017
(213) 614.0053

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