Figaro Bistrot Pt. 3, Onion soup, Quiche Lorraine & the best French Toast EVER

A restaurant that can make an anti-onion food lover an onion lover is in my opinion worthy of spending your money at.  I love all kinds of onions and garlic but Friend Tamra is no friend of onions, until she came to Figaro Bistro.  So yes, it just may have been the onion soup at Figaro Bistro that she gives way to, but that's a great start!  I was rather startled when I saw her chowing down on that onion soup, spoon full of onions and all, "I thought you didn't eat onions?!", "I don't" she replied "I guess I do now" she said smiling, shoveling a spoon full of the onions into her mouth.  I have yet to try the onion soup at Figaro Bistro, but I think on my next visit I just may have to, what exactly does magical onion soup taste like?  Apparently magically delicious enough to turn an anti-onion food lover into an onion-eating kind.

Mr. Borscht orders the Quiche Lorraine for brunch, Quiche Lorraine has been his thing as of late, and the Quiche Lorraine at Figaro Bistro is pretty amazing.  Slightly soft with just a bit of a bite, the flavors of the Quiche Lorraine which includes onions, ham, cheese and of course egg was smooth and delightfully.  No ingredient or flavor of the ingredients was more over-powering than the other, in a word, the flavors melded quite nicely together, a perfect marriage.  

But the real reason I dragged the three of us to Figaro Bistro this late morning was to get a taste of their delicious French Toast, which is the best in town, in my opinion.  Ever had a churro?  Well, that's what the French Toast at Figaro tastes like.  Made with freshly baked bread, sliced thick, sweet and with the distinct flavor of mmmmm... cinnamon!  Yes, cinnamon!  Served with a side of syrup of course, and a dollop of vanilla-y whip cream, a couple of halved strawberries, and thick chunky apple sauce.  Maybe the best of all is the texture of the French Toast, and texture does matter when it comes to French Toast, remember that mushy French Toast you had not that long ago?  Yes, we've all had mushy French Toast at one point in our lives.  Figaro's French Toast has the crunch of the thick crust on the outside and the soft yet not-too-moist bread on the inside, absolute heaven, especially with a cup of hot coffee, which made this brunch at Figaro absolutely perfect for a late Sunday morning tummy-filler-upper.

Total Damage:  $36.00 +/-

1 Double mocha
1 French Onion soup
1 French toast
1 Quiche Lorraine

1802 N. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662.1587

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