Speed peeler v.s. speed peeler

Most times I like to eat my vegetables without peeling them, half this urge stems from the idea that the outer layer is actually what contains most of the nutrients and the second half of this urge comes from the fact that I'm just being plain lazy.  For a very long time I used the speed peeler I've always had in my kitchen drawer, the original silver speed-peeler (pictured above, on the right).  Though the original silver speed peeler wasn't the most comfortable to use nor the most up-to-date got the job done, sure it probably could have used a bit of sharpening but after many many years of usage what normal blade wouldn't.  

And then a few months ago itching to buy something, anything!  I was in one of my girlish bouts of spending frivolously.  I decided to purchase a new speed-peeler, one that had a comfortable handle, one that looked more up-to-date.

Later that week I used my new speed-peeler for the first time on a pile of carrots and potatoes, I was sorely disappointed.  I peeled and peeled, and though the blade was sharp and peeled rather nicely the long strips of vegetable peels got stuck between the blade and the black plastic frame.  I found that every so often I would need to stop and pull out the vegetable peels that had gotten stuck between or give the speed peeler a good rough frustrated shake to the get the peels off - "No bueno" as Brother Charlie would say.

Hence I have learned one thing from this experience.  Simply because the utensil is dated does not mean it's crap, chances are, it's probably still the best, hence the reason why it still works and is still being used in your kitchen.  "If it ain't broke- why fix it?!"

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