Pacific Crepes

My heart goes pitter-patter just a little bit as I sit myself down for breakfast.

When:  first breakfast as as wife with the mother-in-law  
Where:  in the city of Santa Barbara, Pacific Crepes  

Yes, I am now married and my first breakfast as a wife I of course chose... a french restaurant, called Pacific Crepes.  Located downtown Santa Barbara on Anacapa Street, the restaurant is small, intimate, usually very quiet, and worked by owner and employees who all seem to be French.  How cute, how legitimate.

And though crepes are the specialty here, the sandwiches are fabulous as well!  But it is breakfast time and the new wife, new mother-in-law and new husband will all be ordering crepes.

The new mother-in-law, Mrs. Borscht ordered La Francaise with a bit of adjustment, La Francaise on the menu comes with two spread eggs over-easy, sliced ham and swiss cheese.  Mrs. Borscht does is not carnivorous and so omitted the ham from her order.  The three of us watched as Mrs. Borscht received her plate, time slows down as the waitress sets La Francaise down on the table, the two over-easy eggs and the melted cheese looks divine, and tastes divine as well.  The eggs are cooked over-easy just right with a runny yolk that tastes rich and creamy, along with the melted swiss cheese and the thin delicate crepe, the texture and flavors blend perfectly.

New husband Mr. Borscht decides on the La Complete.  Two spread eggs, ham, swiss cheese, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms.  And though La Complete is not as beautiful as Mrs. Borscht's La Francaise, the flavors are just as beautifully put together.  The slight saltiness of the thinly sliced ham, the nuttiness from the mushroom is melded together with the spread eggs and the melted swiss and mozarella cheese.

Tummy opts for the Nordic for her first breakfast as a Mrs.  Smoked Salmon on bechamel sauce with a side of sauteed spinach and ratatouille.  The saltiness of the smoked salmon and the creaminess of the bechamel sauce was splendid.  The Ratatouille and sauteed spinach I have to admit did not look like much and sounded much better on the menu, but with one bit of the ratatouille I was pleasantly surprised, was absolutely delicious!

When in Santa Barbara and in the mood for a little piece of France, Pacific Crepes is worth venturing too.  Once upon a time when Mr. Borscht and Tummy resided in the quaint but heavenly Santa Barbara Pacific Crepes was a weekend breakfast treat, Escargo, mimosas, dessert crepes, sandwiches and of course, the crepes!  All that is served is good here!

And along with the french cafe decor and the french accents by all who work at Pacific Crepes one can't help but to feel they did travel to France... what more can one ask for when going for a French breakfast?

The Damage:  $45.00 +/-

1 Nordic Crepe
1 La Francaise
1 La Complete Crepe
1 Coffee
2 Orange juices

705 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93013
(805) 882.1123

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